“Each translation gets its own interpreter.”

Texas Baptist Forum

We keep on glibly pleading for God to bless America, but I don’t believe God is pleased with our loving money more than we love God.

Quotes in the News

“If someone next to you tries to explain Revelation, do not make eye contact. Do not show fear. Back away slowly.” --Philip Jenkins

RIGHT or WRONG? Immigration policy

Global immigration is enormously complicated. How can Christians contribute to the discussion?

IN FOCUS: Continue to celebrate in Easter’s light

Easter is the day we celebrate the victory of our resurrected Lord. Did you ever wonder what would have happened if Easter had not come?

2nd Opinion: Fiscal responsibility & moral sanity

David Gushee believes this is the time for deliberative decision-making about our nation’s long-term fiscal responsibility and moral sanity.

DOWN HOME: Grammar at 100: Redefining age

Some people consider it impolite to mention a lady’s age. But Helena Margaret Loewen Moore is 100.

EDITORIAL: The Book, by any other name ...

What’s your favorite translation of the Bible? Tough question, isn’t it? As we’ve planned this celebration of the King James, I’ve tried to pick a favorite, and I can’t do it. God’s blessings are just too abundant.

Texas Baptist Forum

John Piper is controversial because he says anyone who ultimately disagrees with his view of God’s sovereignty will “reject God” and “reject the biblical testimony” and “perish forever.”


“You do Bible studies in your home, eh? Tell me about these minor prophets.”

2nd Opinion: The cost that love requires

Our Creator, who has written the pattern of the great story on our hearts, understands the value of great cost. He spared nothing for us, and we are to spare nothing for him.

IN FOCUS: Bees & Baptists: ‘Can’t do it alone’

An example from the insect world explains why Texas Baptists should plan to go to the annual meeting in Amarillo Oct. 23-26.

Quotes in the News

“I commend you for forcefully rejecting, in your recent book, a false charge that has been a foundation for the hatred of the Jewish people for many centuries.” --Benjamin Netanyahu
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