Similar but different

Where I’m serving in East Asia, the culture is quite similar to America in some ways and very different in others.

Change in London

I’m beginning to understand what the Apostle Paul meant in 1 Corinthians 9: 22-23.

Religious liberty and soul competency

TEXAS BAPTIST FORUM: David Moore presents a good case for religious liberty and soul competency in "Should I vote for a Mormon?" (Sept. 17). But he fails to face Mitt Romney's own claim about his faith.

Quotes in the News

"Are there flaws in the church? Absolutely. But is there great beauty in the church? Absolutely." --Stephen Colbert

2nd Opinion: Elections & the politics of poverty

Will Christian Americans ever stand up for the poor and marginalized? I doubt it. But I still believe in the transforming work of God's Spirit.


"I thank my lucky stars every day that I don't believe in astrology."

IN TOUCH: DOMs, retirees, chaplains & students

Your Baptist Building staff, led by Lorenzo Peña and Susan Ater, hosted a wonderful group of Texas Baptist directors of missions in your Baptist Building recently.

Reading the Culture: What I think of The Harbinger

Jonathan Cahn's The Harbinger is one of the bestselling Christian books of 2012. The subtitle reveals Cahn's thesis: "The ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future." But I find numerous problems with Cahn's logic.

Right or Wrong? Pietistic language

A few leaders in our church stand and declare "a deep conviction" about practically any issue we consider. They offer little rationale, but they swing votes. Why does pietistic language trump in-depth analysis?

DOWN HOME: A bug, a windpipe & temptation

The other morning, I caught a bug. The kind with wings, spiky legs and antennae.

EDITORIAL: Raise 'a new generation of pastors'

We aren't producing enough pastors to meet the current demand, much less providing qualified pastors to start hundreds of churches we must plant in the next few years, according to Texas Baptist Executive Director David Hardage.



The other day I was able to talk to my mom on Skype, which is always great since I've been away from my family for about a month and a half now.

Preparing the field

The other day, a student asked me about the burning bush.

Finding joy in God’s timing

I’ve learned that whenever we cannot rely on anything or anyone but that Father, that is when God will speak.

Struggles and blessings

After a couple of weeks of settling in, we are starting to make friends with students in the area.
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