First person: Remembering the Bastrop fire and giving thanks

When the fire began, Sept. 4, 2011, I was at home. I had just got up from my Sunday afternoon nap when my husband, Pastor Raymond Edge, began to tell me some of our members at First Baptist Church in Bastrop were calling, saying there was a fire in the area.

Going beyond

After a heart-wrenching goodbye at the airport, I sat and wrote in my journal before boarding the plane.

Opinion: Want to become desirable? Check out Proverbs 31

The other day I stumbled upon a year-and-a-half-old magazine someone had left in the office. I flipped through it, laughing at some of the tawdry articles. One article, however, really caught my attention.

The universal language.

I’m sitting face-to-face with a teenager. I want to talk to him, but I know he won’t understand me. And we’ll both draw strange faces and scratch our heads trying to figure out what the other one is saying. I didn’t know what to do. We just stared at each other for a while. He probably thought I was a strange person for just staring. And then when I was about to leave, the corners of his mouth tightened and a smile began to form.

Not by my strength

Everything is packed. I glance at the empty room where I spent 15 days. In just two weeks, I’ve become attached to the room. So many memories are in this small room with four jammed-packed beds.

Colliding particles

Life is a lot like matter. Matter is a lot like life.

Saying ‘goodbye’ is the hardest

I felt like something was tugging in my heart, pulling me a certain direction. I had the opportunity to teach English, but I was uncertain. Maybe Asia is where I'm supposed to be, but I don't know. I wish I had a clear answer.

Opinion: Bastrop County survivors forge forward, one year after fire

Bastrop FireEven before its flames were extinguished, Bastrop County residents were determined they would not be victims of the largest wildfire in Texas history. They were survivors, and survivors push forward no matter how trying the circumstances.


Plentiful harvest

The area of South Asia where I served has the highest concentration of spiritual lostness in the world, but don’t let that statement scare you. While the country is covered in darkness, God’s light is shining brighter than ever.

Flooded by love

I woke up and looked around my room at two empty beds where two great people had been.


"He was dog-paddling across the baptistry, retrieving new belivers."

Texas Baptist Forum: 2nd Amendment revisited

Knox does not know what he is talking about when he mentions militias.

Quotes in the News

"We know there is a difference between embracing and respecting the authority of the biblical revelation and pretending the Bible is some consistent catalogue of truth from which a verse here and a verse there can provide a definitive statement on every issue we encounter." --John Pierce

2nd Opinion: 1st Amendment protects everyone

Attempts to favor one faith—historically Protestant Christianity—over others in the public square are doomed to fail in the new religious America of the 21st century.

IN TOUCH: Salado, BSM, Truett, Dallas & STCHM

It appears Kathleen and I are getting close to buying a home in Dallas.
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