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The South African winter wind blew gusts of sand in every direction, making the small forms running down the dirt paths toward me hard to see. The sun has just risen covering the village in bright red and gold hues.

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It was so refreshing to read the article about Stephen Colbert’s testimony before Congress

Quotes in the News

“The universe is 17.3 billion years old, and evolution is established as scientific fact. Scientists dislike doubt about scientific truth. Studying natural science doesn’t take anything away from God. Christians believe faith was induced by revelation from God, and I also believe the Bible is fundamentally the answer to a full life.” --Daniel W. Foster

2nd Opinion: Christians’ song for a broken world

When Jesus stood in the valley and taught his disciples, he stood among many who were sick and lost and troubled by evil spirits. He called them “blessed.”  To the winners in life, he said, “Woe to you." North Americq should take notice.

IN FOCUS: The Macedonians were liberals

The Apostle Paul called the Macedonians liberals. He was not referring to their view of Scripture. They were liberals in their generosity.

RIGHT or WRONG? Painful church experience

A Barna survey revealed an extraordinary percentage of Americans no longer attend church because of some painful experience. What has happened to cause the place identified as “a hospital for sinners” or put forward as “sanctuary” to be avoided by so many people? What can we do?

DOWN HOME: No pie, low score; still a great trip

Knowledgeable fans don’t associate “defensive powerhouse” with “six-man football.” But we managed to choose a defensive donnybrook for our Second Annual Six-Man Football Outing.

EDITORIAL: Conflicted by commercialization?

I’ve been thinking about how often we feel conflicted about giving gifts at Christmas.

Wrestling with hard questions

Recently we celebrated Dasara with some of our culturally Nepali Bhutanese friends. They were excited for us to take part, and it seemed that as we partake, we are being accepted into deeper levels of friendship and trust.

Hearing the voices of the silent

As a Christian, I always had understood that I have been freed from the bondage of sin and darkness. But I never had seen people physically in bondage and enslaved until my internship in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Finding peace of mind

My friend, Dill Rai, accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior 18 years ago, at age 6, before he moved from Bhutan to the United States. This is his testimony.

Texas Baptist Forum

If the Founding Fathers had intended for this wall  of separation of church and state to be, they would have said so.

Quotes in the News

“All the recent attention to bullying helped us realize we need to equip kids to live out biblical tolerance and grace while treating their neighbors as they’d like to be treated, whether they agree with them or not.” --Alan Chambers
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