2nd Amendment

Letters: 2nd Amendment in context

When the Second Amendment was adopted more than 200 years ago, this new nation had no standing army.

Demystifying the ministerial calling

2nd Opinion: Demystifying the ministerial calling

It is time to demystify our language about what it means to be “called” and how we exercise our giftedness.

Kountze cheerleaders

Editorial: Cheerleaders win, but what about the cause of Christ?

Kountze’s Scripture-quoting cheerleaders won the latest round in their battle to paint Bible verses on run-through signs at football games.

In Touch

In Touch: Encampments deserve our support

We hosted the managers of our Texas Baptist encampments and retreat centers here in your Baptist Building. I hope you’ll join me in praying for great summer experiences at all of these camps.

Mother—a special woman of quiet resilience

2nd Opinion: Mother—a special woman of quiet resilience

In a time of reflection—which happens a lot lately—his mind combs back to his first memory of the two. It’s not easy, because like all mothers and sons, they both were there at the beginning.

RIght or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Too much priesthood of believer

I’m tired of people promoting their divisive, individualistic beliefs, then ducking for protection behind “the priesthood of the believer.” How can we reach a balanced consensus on what this phrase means in our churches?

ice cream

Down Home: You can’t dry tears with ice cream

Sometimes, grandparenting is harder than it looks. Although, judging by the faces of the folks surrounding Ezra and me in Dairy Queen, it probably looks hard sometimes, too.

Hunger Offering

Commentary: A chain of love—mother to mother to mother

Ferrell Foster says he can best honor his mother on Mother's Day "if I reflect her kindness and giving spirit by giving to meet the needs of others" through the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering.

Overcoming fear

Editorial: Love can overcome fear of ‘the world’

If we love God’s creation—even the people who challenge and contradict and hate us—we can be instruments that drive out fear.


2nd Opinion: Isolated in America

I wonder if social isolation—not extremist religion or Chechen roots—explains the two brothers who set off bombs during the Boston Marathon, killing three and wounding more than 170.

Letters Payday Loans

Letters: Payday loans & free markets

Regarding the debate about payday lending: I'm a passionate believer in the free market...

West memorial

Editorial: Despite calamity and chaos, God will deliver good

The Boston Marathon bombing, the West fertilizer-plant explosion and the Washington ricin letters riveted our attention on death and destruction. Preachers rightfully turned to Psalm 46.

Pope Francis

Editorial: The Counter-counter Reformation & an outward-focused church

Pope Francis keeps making 2013 an ever-more-significant date in church history.

Payday Lenders

Letters: Payday loans & free will

Why does the Standard only offer anecdotes of those who had bad experiences with payday lenders?

unity handshake

Right or Wrong? Division vs. Unity

“With the divisions our country is facing, how can Christians contribute to unity?”

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