DOWN HOME: First taste, best

I confess. We all stood around and gawked as Ezra's life changed forever.

EDITORIAL: Good answers from our new exec

David Hardage said the right thing shortly after Texas Baptists' Executive Board elected him executive director: "I don't know."

Opinion: Can anything new be said about abortion?

GusheeThe Roe v. Wade anniversary with its ritual marches of protest and defense occurs this year amidst our quadrennial election carnival. Our elections now seem to require that contending politicians seek to outdo one another in ideological extremism. This has meant that most Republican contenders have sought to one-up each other on exactly how rigid they will make America’s abortion laws.


Lessons learned in Haiti

Brianna SmithMy recent trip to Haiti was my first time in a Third World country, and it changed my life. While we were there, we built rubble houses for the people to live in permanently.


Jamaica: Poverty in paradise

Kevin ZarateUsually, when people think of Jamaica, they think about the glamorous luxury resorts and vacationing in the Caribbean. They forget Jamaica has impoverished citizens who are holding on for dear life.


Speaking a universal language in Haiti

Miranda MoonAs our team arrived at the Port-Au-Prince airport, I couldn't help but notice the darkness surrounding us. This country is still hurting, still broken, and still yearning for a glimpse of hope in the destruction of the earthquake nearly two years ago. My heart grew weary, knowing there was no way we could help all of them. We were only 13 people, and the nation of Haiti needs a God-sized miracle.


Finding fulfillment

Over winter break, I had the opportunity to travel to East Asia to talk to college students about the true meaning of Christmas.


Leaning Tower of Babel.

Texas Baptist Forum

"Telling the pastor" doesn't fulfill eitheryour Christian or legal obligation when it comes to child abuse.

Quotes in the News

"Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey." --Jon Bon Jovi

2nd Opinion: Lessons learned 'the hard way'

Instead of year-end analyses and new-year resolutions, I prefer to share important lessons I have learned. Most came the hard way. That's the first lesson: The easy way rarely leads anywhere worth going.


IN FOCUS: A glance back, then into a new year

Welcome to a new year. This is the time of year that we major on reflection and resolution. Let me spend a little time on a few of the highlights as we move into 2012.

Reading the Culture: The future of Western civilization

Is America in decline? What will the new year bring our nation? Niall Ferguson's analysis of Western culture in his book Civilization: The West and the Rest might provide an answer.

RIGHT or WRONG? How we treat immigrants

What can we do to help resolve the debate over "illegal immigration?"

DOWN HOME: Great gratitude on a winter run

Sometimes, skimpy expectations succumb to soaring experiences.

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