East Asia: Unfinished business

I have a friend I’ve been talking to all semester. He is a really nice guy, always very polite. I have spent a lot of this semester talking to him about the gospel and sometimes just talking to him about life.


Mission Arlington: Never give up on anybody

STUDENT MISSIONS BLOG: As I think about my time as a semester missionary at Mission Arlington, I am reminded of one simple truth: Nobody is beyond redemption.


Down Home: ‘Re-gifted’ wonder

The best Christmas present I received this winter didn't arrive wrapped in colored paper or nestled in a fancy bag. 


Right or Wrong? Government's role in God's order

Jesus talked about government's role in God's created order. How can I communicate that idea to fellow church members and neighbors?


In Touch: Traveling to DFW, Waco, Muleshoe and San Antonio

I hope you had a merry Christmas and 2013 is off to a good start.


2nd Opinion: Two things you’ll find in heaven

When you get there, you will not have to look hard to find two things in heaven. And both will make you very happy.

Letters: 'Thanks for Tar Sands Blockade support'

TEXAS BAPTIST FORUM: What a wonderful thing the pastor and members of Austin Heights Baptist Church in Nacogdoches did for the young people involved with the Tar Sands Blockade (Dec. 3)!

Marv Knox

Editorial: Tithing only marks the beginning of stewardship

Here's a challenge: Publicly declare all Christians should tithe, and then watch what happens.


East Asia: The value of fellowship

STUDENT MISSIONS BLOG: I have been in East Asia more than four months now, and one thing that I really miss a lot is big group fellowship. I miss having a consistent large weekly meeting where I get to see friends and family.


East Asia: Better than expected

STUDENT MISSONS BLOG: A few days before Christmas, I had the opportunity to host a Christmas party here in East Asia.


'Les Misérables' and reaching for grace

COMMENTARY: The release of Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables film couldn’t have been more timely than at the end of a difficult year.


Commentary: Time for gun owners to lead

I believe it is time those of us who own guns face some common-sense reality and lead in calling for the enactment of effective gun laws that meet the constitutionality test. Gun owners need to lead the effort to stop these horrible tragedies.


Fourth Sunday of Advent: Coming Soon

Jesus promises, “I am coming soon.” Indeed, these are the words we’ve been waiting for. Yes, Lord, but when? What restless souls we are.


Commentary: Christmas in Connecticut

How can the children who survived the Newtown massacre, the parents of those who died, the teachers, the community or anyone in the nation have Christmas now?

Commentary: Christian compassion demands care for the mentally ill

I am convinced that loving my brother who is sick means that I have to find a way to address that illness. This includes my brother who is mentally ill.

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