Houston: Learn to listen

Houston: Learn to listen

Student Missions BlogOver and over again, I hear people mentioning their desire of having someone listen to them. ... In attempting to listen more, I have been able to have more one-on-one meetings with people who are non-Christians.


Commentary: How Texas churches can help prevent alcohol abuse

On March 19, Baptist churches nationwide will observe Substance Abuse Prevention Sunday. In Texas, substance abuse typically involves alcohol.

John Durham

John Durham: ‘Seeing people grow in Christ-likeness’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features John Durham, the lead pastor at Highland Baptist Church in Waco.


Editorial: When training children, walk the walk

New research shows the most effective way to instill faith in children is to live out the principles of that faith. So, what are you going to do about it?


Voices: Harriet Tubman— ‘Moses’ to the $20 bill

African-Americans still are “biting at the bits” to secure their place and receive acknowledgment for their sound contributions to U.S. history. Harriet Tubman’s placement on the $20 bill may mark the wave of a turning tide.

kindness chalk

Voices: Lead out in civility, kindness and respect

The church constantly talks about being counter-cultural, and there is no greater way to be counter-cultural in this day and age than to be civil, kind and generous.

love is kind

Voices: I have good news

Speaking the truth in love is a skill that is not developed much in modern discipleship. Good evangelism must rest upon good news and not the proofs of why I am right and you are wrong.


Vouchers, Cooperative Program, removed churches

This week’s letters responded to the push for education vouchers, conflict within the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist General Convention of Texas’ removal of churches that welcome and affirm LGBT members.

bgct logo

Heiligman: Connect the dots from faith to relationship, action and fulfillment

If you have ever walked away from church feeling something is lacking, ask yourself, “Is my relationship with God a footnote in the story of my life, or is it the prevailing theme that holds everything else together?”


Commentary: Divided evangelicals must counter fear with facts

When considering President Trump’s executive order on immigration and appeals to fear, it is time for evangelical Christians to consider facts—a necessary starting point for worshipping God with our minds.

bivo-small church

“ … go and sin no more”

Whatever Jesus did, we are to do. Time and time again, we are shown how Jesus had compassion for sinners, while making it clear he expected them to live holy lives.


2nd Opinion: What about the spiritual condition of extraterrestrial life?

If God has placed intelligent life on other planets in other solar systems, what is their spiritual condition?

Ash Wednesday

Voices: The connecting grace of becoming a Lenting Baptist

When we participate in Ash Wednesday services or in the whole of Lent, we are able to experience community with Christ-followers across the world and throughout time.


The BGCT and homosexuality

This week’s letters focus on the Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board’s determination three churches that are LGBT-affirming are no longer in “harmonious cooperation” with the convention.


Editorial: Tell legislators what you think about 'school-choice' vouchers

Baptists, of all people, should care deeply about providing quality education for all Texas children. Supporting “school-choice” vouchers undermines both that venture and Baptist principles.

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