David Beckmann

Comment: Congress must address real roots of immigration

Bread for the World's David Beckmann explains that Jesus' admonition to welcome strangers into our midst could not be more salient than it is now.

fruit of the spirit

Right or Wrong? Fruit of the Spirit

The “fruits of the Spirit” seem to be more than mere metaphors. They are becoming more like verbs than nouns for me. Am I on the right track?

down home blocks

Down Home: A grandparent by any name …

At our grandson Ezra's age, new words stick to his little brain like lint on Velcro.


2nd Opinion: Reflections on courage from Benedict’s  resignation

A church leader putting the unity of the Church—his denomination—ahead of his own vision for its future. Would that Baptists had ears to hear and eyes to see.

In Touch

In Touch: BUA, associations, Black History Month and more

It was an absolute blessing for me to be part of Texas Baptists Day at the Baptist University of the Americas this month in San Antonio.

immigration reform

Editorial: It’s time to embrace the ‘stranger’

Four months ago, who would have dreamed resolving America’s immigration problems could become a fertile field for bipartisan endeavors?


Letters: Caregiving

As the “silver tsunami” of baby boomers crashes on the shore of their golden years, supporting family caregivers must be included in the ministry model.


Letters: Costs of not tithing

If every Christian tithed, there would be no need for a government-run welfare system.

whited sepulchres

2nd Opinion: Beware whitewashing

Before fighting the culture wars, the church needs to focus on an inward change of the heart, starting with ourselves.

Dogfood Bowl

Down Home: It’s a dog’s life

Curiosity got the better of me, and I finally succumbed to temptation.

drought meter

Right or Wrong? Preparing for drought

Why don’t Christians, and especially pastors, talk more about a strategy for dealing with the obvious water shortage in large portions of Texas and other states?

In Touch

In Touch: Duncanville, Garland, Dallas & Weatherford

Let me begin by commending the cooperative spirit of the folks at First Baptist Church in Duncanville, where Keith Brister has been serving faithfully as pastor 17 years.

Editorial suit

Editorial: Give life your best

My best pinstriped suit reminded me to live a consistent Christian life.

Ganges ceremony

South Asia: Gifted with pain

Pain is a gift, if it allows us to see a fallen world as Christ sees it.

Right or Wrong women in ministry

Right or Wrong? Women's ministry

I hear the phrases “women’s ministry” and “women in ministry” used interchangeably. Do these phrases mean the same thing? 

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