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There’ll always be a Christmas

DOWN HOME: A little praise for long road trips

If you’re part of a family that shovels the kids into the ol’ vehicle and takes out on a long car trip at Christmas, I’ve got one word to say to you: Lucky.

EDITORIAL: We need a lot of Christmas this year

More and more, I’m grateful for Christmas because I’m increasingly aware of how much we need it.

Learning from the Maasai

The Maasai people are a nomadic tribe scattered across Kenya and Tanzania—one of 42 tribes in Kenya. Isaac Olonapa and Moses Parsoi are Maasai pastors studying at Kenya Baptist Theological College, on the same compound as the Wayland Baptist-Kenya campus in Limuru. Isaac and Moses are finishing their degrees while continuing to their home churches in the bush country of Maasai land. These are their stories.

Opinion: The advent of Christmas craziness

The United States’ habit of Christmas craziness began, just like reminders of the holiday season itself, early this year.

Still praying for one troubled student

The school term has ended here at the high school in Kenya where I’ve been teaching, coaching basketball and leading Bible studies. It was sad to see the kids off. I’m going to miss them.

Switzerland ban on Islamic minarets only heightens tensions

Swiss voters supported a referendum to ban the building of minarets in Switzerland. The ban certainly runs contrary to Switzerland’s reputation as a bastion of freedom and tolerance. And it will only exacerbate tensions between Christians and Muslims.



Cartoon: David ignores some sound advice.

Quotes in the News

“To say we are made in God’s image means we have been made in the image of generosity. True spirituality means God has given us something we didn’t deserve that we, in turn, authentically offer to others in a spirit of generosity.”--Glen Schmucker

2nd Opinion: It’s looking a lot like ... Advent

In early October when I made a quick stop in a local discount store, I couldn’t help but notice the strange combination of products in the promotional section near the front of the store.

IN FOCUS: Offering hope for a new decade

Time magazine describes this past 10 years as “The Decade from Hell” in its Dec. 7 cover story. Where were Texas Baptists?

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An army that shoots its wounded.

RIGHT or WRONG? The Sabbath

Many leadership programs create the tyranny of the urgent.  What does the concept of Sabbath mean in this context?

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