In Focus: Bountiful blessings at Thanksgiving

This holiday season, what is our reason for which to give thanks? Let me share with you some of my thanks.

Quotes in the News

"The fear that unless 'In God We Trust' is displayed throughout the government, Americans will somehow lose their faith in God is a dim view of the profound religious convictions many citizens have."--Justin Amash

Reading the Culture: The Faith of Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson has just published Jobs' authorized biography. In many ways, it is the story of America.

Right or Wrong? The greatest among you

A member of our church was sued for violating workplace guidelines. As the manager/ supervisor/boss, he contends his words and decisions are final, no matter what.

Down Home: 'Home' is where you set your laptop

"There's no place like home," folks say, quoting Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. True, I suppose. But it doesn't mean you won't eventually pack up and move to another home.

EDITORIAL: FaithVillage-- Young Christians' home

Can a 123-year-old Baptist news organization create a website that will strengthen and expand the larger Christian community, particularly teens and young adults?

No language barrier

On a recent weekend, I joined three other workers in providing a children’s program at an Arabic prayer conference for Austria.

Commentary: The Gospel According to America's Pastime

baseballI was never a baseball fan. But the Texas Rangers showed me why baseball is such a big deal.



Noah: "Hey, could we have some volunteers to stay and help clean up?"

Texas Baptist Forum

"Jews reject God because they reject Christ—the incarnation of the living God."

IN FOCUS: After the annual meeting, ignite hope

The question as we leave the annual meeting behind must be, "What do we take with us?"

2nd Opinion: 10 myths of frazzled Christianity

We have embraced a theology that leads us to anything but abundant living. Let me suggest 10 myths of frazzled Christianity that sabotage our joy.

Quotes in the News

"Too often, hearing sermons is like repeating first grade over and over, with just variations on the same themes."  --Clara Thompson

Right or Wrong? Question about the Trinity

Sometime back, I heard, "The Holy Spirit is the ethicist of the Trinity." If this is not blasphemous, is it true?

DOWN HOME: Kairos moments & computer screens

I'm going to set the clock of my heart to kairos time. I plan on thoroughly absorbing the moments I spend with Ezra.

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