beach vacation

Down Home: Go down to the sea and be refreshed

From a meteorological standpoint, the earlier a beach vacation falls in the summer, the better. But you can’t control the weather.


2nd Opinion: Why do condolence notes never get easier to write?

In the face of death, we must accept we’ll most likely say the wrong thing—but say something we must.

Pastoral vision

Right or Wrong? Pastoral 'vision'

Our church has had three pastors in five years, and each arrived with a “vision for the church" that met resistance that caused them to leave. Any advice?


Editorial: The possibility of being wrong

Humility is not earned. It’s bequeathed through mistakes, errors, blunders, gaffes and miscalculations.

Letters Calvinism

Letters: Calvinism

(UPDATED) If I believed in predestination, I would not attend church and certainly would not give a dime for evangelism. What difference would it make?

Baptists remarry?

Editorial: Baptists won’t remarry, but maybe we can do one thing

“Do you think Baptists ever will get back together again?” a young friend asked over lunch the other day.

Scouts decision

Letters: More on the Scouts decision

(UPDATED) If we, as Christians, turn our backs on this organization now; then, once again, as with prayer in schools, Satan has won.

Down Home Jacob's Dream

Down Home: How Ezra got thrown into the slammer

Even when we can’t be together, my grandson shows up in my life. Sometimes, in unexpected places.


Right or Wrong? Stewardship metaphor

In our stewardship campaign, our pastor keeps telling us, “God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.” I don’t follow his logic.

Boy Scouts

Editorial: Boy Scouts, cultural hegemony & transforming love

If Christians lose a "culture war," they can still demonstrate the transforming love of Jesus.

Boy Scouts vote

Letters: Responding to Scouts decision

(UPDATED) Are we haters, bigots and homophobes if we don’t stop believing that these “orientations” and “preferences” are sins?


Editorial: ‘If We Knew Then,’ random elements and faith

Every so often, I play the “If We Knew Then …” Game.


Commentary: An Open Letter to Southern Baptists

R. Chip Turner , chairman of the Religious Relationships Task Force of Boy Scouts of America, released this open letter to Baptists after the organization voted to end denying membership to boys on the basis of their sexual orientation.

China Map

Letters: Delivered from Chinese imprisonment

(Updated) My wife, Anita, and I serve International Baptist Church of Hong Kong. I want to share a praise item, which we were not able to broadcast 11 months ago because of security issues with one of our mission friends.

Dairy Queen

Down Home: Missed opportunities and the heart of God

The last time we gathered on this spot, I told you about the experience my grandson, Ezra, and I had at the Dairy Queen.

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