2nd Opinion: The great passage of Genevieve

As I reflected on what transpired in the moments before and after her death, Genevieve seemed like so much more than “just” a dog. She was, like her eyes, soulful. C.S. Lewis pondered aloud about such “soulish” creatures and whether they, like us, live on in the hereafter.

IN FOCUS: Starting churches is a BGCT priority

The Southern Baptist North American Mission Board recently honored Texas Baptists for starting more congregations in 2009 than any other state group. This was the second year in a row the BGCT led all state conventions in church starts and the third year out of the last four.


Following a recent service at our church, a visitor tripped over a curb. She maintained to people around her that she was all right but then asked for an ambulance to carry her two and a half blocks to the hospital. By the late afternoon, she was asking for money from the church to cover personal expenses. What should we do?

DOWN HOME: Sonogram says: Things are changin’

Not only will Jo and I figure out how to be grandparents. But we’ll also figure out how to relate to a little manchild.

EDITORIAL: Toleration: Liberty’s weak protector

America’s longstanding tradition of tolerance served us poorly in this season of religious rancor. Toleration often takes a timid turn when it encounters strong opposition. This summer, we witnessed the weakness of toleration. It was a dispiriting debacle.

Separation of Church and State: A Value Worth Preserving

When any group attains a majority, there is a temptation to blur the line of separation of church and state when it is favorable to them. However, in order to protect the free exercise of religion for all, the rights of the minority must be preserved.

Tell the stories of God's faithfulness

My time in Colorado as a student missionary came to a close, and I have reluctantly returned to the stifling heat of Texas.

Just passing through

As I sat on the airplane returning to Texas from Venezuela I thought about how foreign I felt all summer.

Under attack

I currently am preparing for a missionary journey to East Asia where I will serve five months, with the prayer and vision to start a disciple-making church. I knew spiritual warfare takes place prior to these trips. But when I officially signed up for this trip back in February, only God could have prepared me for what I was about to go through.

New life, living water

WaterfallTo end our time in Venezuela, our church partnered with a church in a neighboring town to hold a baptism at the foot of a waterfall on top of a mountain.

Gifts at work

Last week while attending an evangelism training camp, we had the privilege of meeting a missionary couple who serve here in Venezuela.

Quotes in the News

“Our faith motivates and inspires us, but we do not proselytize.” --Dirk Frans


Recount your blessings.
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