God provides

Accidents happen. Or so experience has taught me. When building houses in the Philippines with rebar, concrete, and 40-pound hollow block, this statement remains ever true.

Out of the comfort zone

Bowden“Servants don’t have rights.” Those were my dad’s parting words to me before I stepped on the plane that brought me to Wales.



Ask for people

I was looking in the market for fresh produce when I saw a shop that had replica jerseys and souvenirs. I stopped in to see if I could find something good to purchase for someone back home.

Shedding tears

I was talking to a young woman—probably around 22—who needed basics like food, diapers for her baby and some hygiene products.

2nd Opinion: How do our 'leaders' stack up?

Here are nine characteristics of leadership. Do you see them in the men and women now running things?

IN FOCUS: Lessons from a granddaughter

Sometimes, I get so caught up in the world around me and the tasks at hand that it is easy to forget the simple lessons of faith that should be so obvious to all believers every minute of their lives.

Texas Baptist Forum

Is the death penalty the ultimate punishment? If so, why do so many mass murderers choose to end their own lives rather than face life in prison without parole?

Quotes in the News

“Now today, two years removed from my own worst nightmare, I see from a spectator’s perspective how faith in God and his ultimate resolution is the secret sustaining my bludgeoned friends." --Jinny Henson

Right or Wrong? Pastoral responsibilities

Our pastor only comes to the office parts of three days each week. Some members are stoking rumors our pastor is not doing his job. What can we do?

DOWN HOME: Third-favorite tree just may make it

For awhile there, I thought the once-magnificent red oak in our backyard was bound for the Big Woodchip Pile in the Sky. But now it looks like my third-favorite tree will survive.

EDITORIAL: What about Perry's big prayer rally?

Will you pray and fast for the future of our nation on Aug. 6? Gov. Rick Perry has set aside that day for The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis, a rally at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

Call to prayer

A friend and I were downtown, finding clothes for me to wear here. I had just arrived and needed some more culturally appropriate attire.

Grace, not works

Externally, everything seems right. Here in Butuan City, religion runs rampant.

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