Conflicting voices

Asia hardhatTired. Overwhelmed. Tearful. These words described my spirit as the community health team and I headed across the city to do another hepatitis B camp.


2nd Opinion: Bumper-sticker theology of prayer

Most of the messages I read on bumper stickers are imminently forgettable. But I saw one the other day that still haunts me.

In Focus: Disaster relief shares hope of Christ

The Baptist General Convention of Texas works with wonderful partners in meeting the challenges of disaster response and relief.

Texas Baptist Forum

I thought it was sad when the atheists started complaining because we were going to get together and pray in Houston. But for Christians to complain about it just totally took me by surprise.

Quotes in the News

"I'm a priest in the village of the damned." --Nancy Sehested

Right or Wrong: Prisoner organ donation

An Oregon death-row inmate has offered to donate his organs after his execution. So far, his offer has been rejected. What are the legal and ethical barriers for such a donation?

Down Home: Big cat's not cool in the neighborhood

If our neighborhood bobcat decides to dine on squirrel stew, I'll chalk it up to divine retribution.

EDITORIAL: Familiar psalm; unexpected words

Lately, I've been pondering a couple of common words in uncommon sentences. See, I've been laboring over a sermon on the 23rd Psalm.

Never forget

All we know are beginnings and ends, starts and finishes—point A to point B.

Humble heroes

When I think of a village, I think of no electricity, water from the river and food from the jungle. That is exactly what I saw at this village my teammates and I visited.


A peek into the slum

South Asia girlTin roofs. Clothes hanging to dry. Stray dogs and cats. Dirt roads. Buckets of water. Trash. This is what I saw in a slum in South Asia.

Dusty feet

I shook the dust off my feet.

Free and clean

A man drove here to the Hospitality House in Huntsville from Dallas to pick up his brother who was being released from prison.

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