Remember those in prison

Through one of my new friends here, my teammate and I were able to visit a prison located in the city.

Comment: Patriotic reflections from a World War II perspective

worldwar2As we reflect on Independence Day, never take our freedoms for granted. They were truly bought with an inestimable price.


Someone waiting on the outside

On a recent Friday morning, my supervisor asked if I wanted to go down to the Huntsville Unit and see how release day works at the state prison.

Solid rock

For a couple of weeks, rocks, mud and sand have been our reality.

2nd Opinion: Changing lives, beginning with me

By reaching out to communities with an attitude of partnership, churches are able to reach into the hearts and lives of people around them.

Texas Baptist Forum

Do you not realize that every immigrant coming into our country puts greater demands on our nation’s resources?

IN FOCUS: Baptist identity & our future together

We are diverse politically, ethnically and even in the way we do business. Wikipedia concludes that there are 211 denominations called Baptists worldwide, with close to 100 million adherents.

Quotes in the News

“No matter how widespread prejudice against candidates of a particular religion may be, it is never respectable.” --The Washington Post

Reading the Culture: Ronald Reagan's notes

In light of this July 4 edition of the Standard, the following quotes from President Reagan’s collection may be relevant.

Right or Wrong? A Just War

Especially since the escalation of violence in Libya, I keep hearing about a “just war.” It sounds like an oxymoron to me. What is a “just war”?

DOWN HOME: Bit of heaven at a Mississippi inn

Could heaven be more fun than a wedding reception?

EDITORIAL: 'Christian nation' is not sufficient

If Baptists like Roger Williams and John Leland were alive today, they would fight for the rights of Christians, but also Jews, Muslims, Mormons, atheists and agnostics. They would proclaim all voices should be heard, and government should neither advocate for nor interfere with any of them.

Making a friend

Just as the day was winding down, a young girl named Istabrak came into the World Relief office.

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