RIGHT or WRONG? Baptist heritage

Younger generations in our church don’t seem to connect with stories of Baptist heroes who dealt with the moral crises of their day. So, how can we communicate the values upon which our forebears stood?

Cultural perceptions and misconceptions

I had an interesting lunch conversation with my coworkers here in Kenya—one that prompted me to think about how our assumptions are often misconceptions.

Quotes in the News

“If you saw a woman struck by a car, would you call an ambulance right away? Or would you first ask for her papers to make sure she was not an illegal immigrant?”--E.J. Dionne

Cartoon: Googling sins

Cartoon: “My Internet search came up empty. I’m seeking forgiveness.”

2nd Opinion: Globalism & the future of Baptists

Baptist globalism is nothing new. It began when William Carey and his family landed in India in 1793.


IN FOCUS: Acts 1:8 world is messy and dynamic

The world of 2009 is quite different from 1985. Shouldn’t we be thinking of new and innovative ways to fulfill the Great Commission?

Texas Baptist Forum: Baylor alumni proposal, for and against

The Baylor alumni proposal, for and against

RIGHT or WRONG? Workplace guidelines

Are workplace guidelines legal, ethical or both-and?

DOWN HOME: Watching our kids change our world

We crouched behind bushes in front of Pat Neff Hall.  We were waiting for our children to stroll up the sidewalk. Waiting for a moment that would change all our lives.

EDITORIAL: Numbers point to individual beliefs

America is growing more secular, but don’t start writing a eulogy for the church.

Recognizing the hope of glory

The past few weeks serving in Northern Africa, I have begun to realize—yet again—how great a hope to which I have been called.

Sharing life together in Kenya

Recently, I was asked to share something meaningful that I’ve experienced since I’ve been in Kenya. Immediately, thousands of thoughts invade my brain, recalling the past three and half months in detail.

Cartoon: spooky


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