Reading the Culture: Tim Tebow and Theophobia

Why are "angry atheists" so much in the news? Michael Murray, executive vice president for the John Templeton Foundation, may have the answer. 

Right or Wrong? Sued by the pastor

Our church just asked the pastor to leave, citing incompetence. Now, the former pastor has sued our church.

DOWN HOME: Bobcat, bohunkus & temptation

OK, so I'm not paranoid. Wild things really do live in our woods.

EDITORIAL: Don't worry, but get up & get busy

Worry is one of the most insidious sins. It saps our faith, distracts us from doing what we can and blinds us to God's grace among us.

Commentary: Personal relationships key to ministry

Meaningful personal relationships are the source of lasting memories and tremendous joy and satisfaction. They also are the basis for a pastor's effective ministry to a congregation for an extended time.



Take my plans, Lord

Caitlin HiettIt was the best present ever—loving on orphans and spreading the gospel to hundreds of children in Moldova. Little did I know, I would be blessed financially before I even left home. I would grow spiritually during the trip. And I would see a clear demonstration of the sovereignty of God.


God had other plans in Moldova

Moldova childThe theme of our mission team's trip to Moldova seemed to be the sovereignty of God. Because of political unrest, we were not able to enter Transniestria or perform our initial mission like planned. But God had other plans.


IN FOCUS: Pray for Hardage & all Texas Baptists

What does this network called the Baptist General Convention of Texas look like?

Texas Baptist Forum

The only time a candidate's faith should be a factor is if we're calling him or her as our pastor.

Quotes in the News

"I promise: I pledge my best effort." --David Hardage

Right or Wrong? Pastor's time management

Our pastor has been invited to teach part-time at a nearby Baptist university. Some of our members insist this will take too much of his time.

2nd Opinion: Baptists, theology & the presidency

The Baptist alliance with Thomas Jefferson helps illuminate recent controversies over Pastor Robert Jeffress' negative comments about Mitt Romney's Mormonism.

DOWN HOME: First taste, best

I confess. We all stood around and gawked as Ezra's life changed forever.

EDITORIAL: Good answers from our new exec

David Hardage said the right thing shortly after Texas Baptists' Executive Board elected him executive director: "I don't know."

Opinion: Can anything new be said about abortion?

GusheeThe Roe v. Wade anniversary with its ritual marches of protest and defense occurs this year amidst our quadrennial election carnival. Our elections now seem to require that contending politicians seek to outdo one another in ideological extremism. This has meant that most Republican contenders have sought to one-up each other on exactly how rigid they will make America’s abortion laws.


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