Unexpected help from a Kenyan angel

My missions partner, Al, and I traveled by bus to Nairobi, arriving as the sun was setting—not the ideal situation for two guys walking around with suitcases, looking for a matatu (shared taxi) to Limuru. But God may have sent an angel our way that evening.

Tastes like home

Here in Nyeri, Kenya, there are many coffee plantations around—some of the world’s best quality coffee all around me. But I love Julie's Coffee Shop because it tastes like home.

Divine appointment at a cafe

I came to the café to take a break from a long day of ministry. But when the Spirit of God lives in you and you are attentive to his leadership, it is quite possible your plans may be interrupted.


"Of all the altar calls in all the aisles of all the churches in all the world, you had to walk down mine."

Texas Baptist Forum

Bail-outs—with taxpayer money...What greater example do we as Baptists need to never accept government money?

Quotes in the News

“Our concern … is with the ‘symbol’ of torture. We're very concerned about America’s image.”--Richard Killmer

IN FOCUS: Modeling innovation, harmony & focus

Texas Baptists met together in Houston for our 124th annual meeting.

RIGHT or WRONG? Hosting Thanksgiving

My mother-in-law died two weeks ago. Her children typically met at her house for Thanksgiving. Still grieving, the siblings are unable to plan the holiday. As the oldest daughter-in-law, I am going to offer our home as the gathering place. I think I can help them during this time. Does this sound intrusive?

DOWN HOME: When identifying goo, ask the guy

A great marriage is kinda like your freezer: Never know what you’ll find, but it’s typically surprising and often delightful.

EDITORIAL: Appropriately conservative & liberal

The BGCT has confirmed its conservative stance on sexuality. Still, questions remain: How should churches relate to homosexuals? And how should the convention relate to churches with various responses to homosexuals?

Opinion: The Fort Hood tragedy and radical Islam

Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the alleged attacker in the Ft. Hood shootings, was a devoted Muslim. Was he a terrorist? Why is this issue so crucial for our nation?

Meeting students where they are

Amidst Greek row, we set up our tent across the street from the local bars and clubs. Until 2:00 in the morning, Resonate Church made countless pancakes and gallons of hot chocolate to pass out for free to those who stumbled by.


“Here’s the state-of-the-art gym. Here’s the coffee bar and Internet café. Oh, yeah, and this little thing over here is the new sanctuary.”
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