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“Now today, two years removed from my own worst nightmare, I see from a spectator’s perspective how faith in God and his ultimate resolution is the secret sustaining my bludgeoned friends." --Jinny Henson

Right or Wrong? Pastoral responsibilities

Our pastor only comes to the office parts of three days each week. Some members are stoking rumors our pastor is not doing his job. What can we do?

DOWN HOME: Third-favorite tree just may make it

For awhile there, I thought the once-magnificent red oak in our backyard was bound for the Big Woodchip Pile in the Sky. But now it looks like my third-favorite tree will survive.

EDITORIAL: What about Perry's big prayer rally?

Will you pray and fast for the future of our nation on Aug. 6? Gov. Rick Perry has set aside that day for The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis, a rally at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

Call to prayer

A friend and I were downtown, finding clothes for me to wear here. I had just arrived and needed some more culturally appropriate attire.

Grace, not works

Externally, everything seems right. Here in Butuan City, religion runs rampant.

God loves and forgives

While in downtown Bangor, I was walking around the place to get a feel of everything. I even got to share my story with a Welsh woman in a secondhand store.

Broken heart

Monks in ThailandWe met at 6 a.m. and went to a temple at the bottom of the mountain. Every morning around 6 or 7, monks pace the streets with bowls to receive offerings.

Understanding Paul

During our time here in Venezuela, our job is to assist the churches we visit in any way that we can. We lead their youth groups, kids clubs, and prayer meetings—all of which have been awesome.

Bonding with believers

I worked the early shift at the English Center. As I waited for Asians to come and practice their English, a college student named Tina approached me.

My apartment, my mission field

refugee kidsLife here in Fort Worth is pretty different. We live in an apartment complex where we are surrounded by refugees.

Remember those in prison

Through one of my new friends here, my teammate and I were able to visit a prison located in the city.

Comment: Patriotic reflections from a World War II perspective

worldwar2As we reflect on Independence Day, never take our freedoms for granted. They were truly bought with an inestimable price.


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