Down Home: NASCAR, friendship & a gazillion decibels

A NASCAR race can test a friendship's powers of communication.

2nd Opinon

2nd Opinion: Change or die

What does a reinvented church look like? Take your pick. Depending on the constituency being sought, it can take many forms, thus confounding cultural stereotypes of organized religion.

Kingdom & church

Letters: Kingdom & church

We can't excuse ourselves by saying numbers and money are not biblical or are not important. Both are essential.

Donate Life

Editorial: Love your neighbor; donate your organs

April is Organ Donation Month. Would you join me by registering to donate your organs? It’s one of the best things either of us can do.

I am weak, but he is strong

2nd Opinion: I am weak, but he is strong

I could see it, but I couldn’t touch it. It was everywhere! But I had to wait.

In Touch

In Touch: What we can do when we pull together

Reports from Dripping Springs, associations, Huntsville, Congreso, Beach Reach, and a request to pray for the Mother’s Day Hunger Offering.

Proper diet

Right or Wrong? Proper diet

The Apostle Paul taught that one’s body is a temple before God. So, should we become concerned about eating what one health care specialist called “the three white poisons”—sugar, flour and salt?


Down Home: Put on your jammies, brush your teeth and say, “Thanks”

How do you feel when you crawl into bed at night? Thanksgiving can help.

Hunger Offering

Editorial: Ants, Texas Baptists, Mother’s Day & world hunger

Individually, ants aren’t so smart. But collectively, they possess enormous intelligence. Could Texas Baptists learn from our insect friends?

Pape shares mate

2nd Opinion: Advice to ministers– Pass the mate

The pope's habit of sharing mate with friends offers a lesson in conversation and ministry for evangelicals.

Same-sex marriage

Editorial: How evangelical Christians undermined marriage

Evangelical Christians lost the battle for saving “traditional” marriage by forfeiting the moral high ground.

Peter's denial

Editorial: Do we still deny knowing Jesus?

Easter is hope’s truest harbinger. Amidst war, financial uncertainty, violence and divorce, Easter delivers hope.

Garage Door fiasco

Down Home: POP! BOOM! and asking for help

The POP! and the BOOM! proceeded according to Murphy’s Law #347, Section A, Paragraph 17, Subparagraph iii.

Business meeting disunity

Right or Wrong? Business meeting disunity

Our church business meetings have become increasingly partisan. How can we overcome disunity, which denies the idea we are brothers and sisters in Christ?

In Touch

In Touch: Focus on education

I am so proud of the great partnership we enjoy with these Texas Baptist schools.

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