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“ If the church is to be alive today in a world where everything is shifting, it must be open to the breath of God.” --Darryl Aaron

READING THE CULTURE: Church campuses & cultural transformation

Recent polls indicate 70 percent of likely American voters say the country is headed the wrong direction. How does culture change? What can Christians and churches do to influence our culture for Christ? What role could multisite church growth strategies play?

RIGHT or WRONG? Pastor- search committee guidelines

What are some ethical guidelines for pastor-search committees?

DOWN HOME: Would the roof leak in the doghouse too?

It’s kind of like a cosmic mandate of marriage—all hell waits to break loose until one half of the couple travels out of town and absolutely, positively cannot provide aid and comfort.

EDITORIAL: Osama, unpredictability & The End

Orthodox Christianity maintains all humans bear the creative mark of their Creator. Even Osama Bin Laden.


“Each translation gets its own interpreter.”

Texas Baptist Forum

We keep on glibly pleading for God to bless America, but I don’t believe God is pleased with our loving money more than we love God.

Quotes in the News

“If someone next to you tries to explain Revelation, do not make eye contact. Do not show fear. Back away slowly.” --Philip Jenkins

RIGHT or WRONG? Immigration policy

Global immigration is enormously complicated. How can Christians contribute to the discussion?

IN FOCUS: Continue to celebrate in Easter’s light

Easter is the day we celebrate the victory of our resurrected Lord. Did you ever wonder what would have happened if Easter had not come?

2nd Opinion: Fiscal responsibility & moral sanity

David Gushee believes this is the time for deliberative decision-making about our nation’s long-term fiscal responsibility and moral sanity.

DOWN HOME: Grammar at 100: Redefining age

Some people consider it impolite to mention a lady’s age. But Helena Margaret Loewen Moore is 100.

EDITORIAL: The Book, by any other name ...

What’s your favorite translation of the Bible? Tough question, isn’t it? As we’ve planned this celebration of the King James, I’ve tried to pick a favorite, and I can’t do it. God’s blessings are just too abundant.

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