2nd Opinion: Technology at the end of life

In end-of-life situations, what is the line between modern medicine serving the patient and technology gone awry?


"I'm sorry, but as I was turning around, I may have backed over your moped."

IN FOCUS: Share your best gift this Christmas

What is the best Christmas gift you ever got?

Texas Baptist Forum

We may be dinosaurs, but we're not extinct.

Quotes in the News

"Samson slew however many people. And Shamgar son of Anath struck down 600 people with an ox goad. Those numbers are nowhere near Dexter! But God has this way of using crazy, psychopath sort of people, these flawed messed-up folks, and I've always been drawn to that kind of storytelling." --Scott Reynolds

Right or Wrong? Religious test for office

Americans increasingly subject U.S. presidential candidates to questions and assumptions that amount to religious tests for their qualifications for office. How should Baptists respond to this trend?

DOWN HOME: Rain, imagination & our agnostic dog

The weird thing about living in a region that enjoys (endures?) all kinds of climate is what happens to your meteorological imagination.

EDITORIAL: This Advent season, just you wait

We need Advent particularly badly this year. And not simply because it's a prelude to Christmas.

Texas Baptist Forum

Does Rob Bell's book Love Wins signify progress?

2nd Opinion: The last acceptable prejudice?

An outspoken Christian scholar, formerly teaching in secular environments, is grateful for Baylor University's mission as a world-class research university that is unapologetically faith-based.

Book Reviews: Blissful Affliction

Books reviewed in this issue include Blissful Affliction: The Ministry and Misery of Writing by Judson Edwards, A Carpenter's View of the Bible by Charlie March and The Measure of a Young Man: Become the Man God Wants You to Be by Gene Getz and Kenton Getz.


In Focus: Bountiful blessings at Thanksgiving

This holiday season, what is our reason for which to give thanks? Let me share with you some of my thanks.

Quotes in the News

"The fear that unless 'In God We Trust' is displayed throughout the government, Americans will somehow lose their faith in God is a dim view of the profound religious convictions many citizens have."--Justin Amash

Reading the Culture: The Faith of Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson has just published Jobs' authorized biography. In many ways, it is the story of America.

Right or Wrong? The greatest among you

A member of our church was sued for violating workplace guidelines. As the manager/ supervisor/boss, he contends his words and decisions are final, no matter what.

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