IN TOUCH: From Congreso, to Dallas, to camps

Texas Baptist Executive Director David Hardage continues to travel the state, speaking at conferences and listening to those involved in the state convention's varied ministries.

Texas Baptist Forum

I read the story about the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship conference on sexuality in both the Baptist Standard and the rival state Baptist group's paper. I am not completely sure if it was the same conference or not.

Quotes in the News

Public debate today gives the impression that God cares about two issues in 21st- century USA—abortion rates and tax relief. --Ray Waddle

Right or Wrong? The new normal

Some people say our society's economic issues, theological persuasions and cultural norms comprise a "new normal." Are gospel values still important?

DOWN HOME: Abelias to zinnias: A planting parable

Since I've spent much of my adult life sitting at a keyboard writing words, you might expect I'm a big fan of Mark Twain. You'd be right.

EDITORIAL: Evangelism: Not just for extroverts

People who only know me casually typically think I'm an extrovert. This is a common projection upon people who have some form of public role.

2nd Opinion: The power of knowing your name

We draw out identities from our place of origin—both our geography and our family, early circles of friendship, our job, our education. And for the man or woman of faith, there comes a time when we turn to our identity as a creature under God..

IN TOUCH: From DBU to Hearne, & elsewhere

BGCT Executive Director David Hardage continues his travels, listening to and observing ministries across the state.

Texas Baptist Forum

"I am thankful for Limbaugh, one of a few conservative voices amid the dominating liberal media."

Quotes in the News

"If you don't love America, if you don't like the way we do things, I have one thing to say: Get out! We don't worship Buddha. … We don't worship Muhammad. We don't worship Allah. We worship God. We worship God's son, Jesus Christ!" --Dennis Terry

Right or Wrong? Background checks

Are financial and criminal background checks on our staff and all our volunteer workers intrusive and unnecessary?

DOWN HOME: A Gnat, a gullet & thoughts of sin

I swallowed a speck-sized winged whizzer the other morning. It happened about 5:35 as I ran beside a pond not far from our house.

EDITORIAL: An ancient story; still true in 2012

Oppression of the poor is as old as the Bible, but so is compassion.

Reading the Culture: Hunger Games

Reading the CultureWhat does the popularity  of the novel and film The Hunger Games say about our culture?


Making connections

During my mission work with a refugee ministry, I’ve been spending a lot of time at a local soccer field to get connected with the youth.

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