2nd Opinion: Christian faith & political beliefs

Suppose we were to ask Jesus, "Who do you like, Republicans or Democrats?" I suspect both groups would be disappointed with his response.

Book Reviews: Grieving God's Way

Books reviewed in this issue include Grieving God's Way by Margaret Brownley, Both-And: A Maston Reader edited by William M. Tillman Jr., Rodney S. Taylor & Lauren C. Brewer and Fake Christianity by C.B. Matthews.

IN TOUCH: Marshall, Victoria & other Texas towns

As a former associational director of missions, I truly appreciate the ministry of our DOMs around the state.

RIGHT or WRONG? Treatment of women

The celebrations of the 40th anniversary of Title IX served for me as a reminder of the increasing prospects for women in the United States.

DOWN HOME: Finding treasure just off I-35

They say love can move mountains, but for about a year, love has been moving my car—about 50 miles east.

EDITORIAL: Life, assault weapons & consistency

EditorialWhy do so many people who take a pro-life position on abortion take an anti-life position on possession of firearms designed to execute multiple victims in mere seconds?


Least of the least

I was holding Alice. She is one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen—huge brown eyes, gorgeous skin and a smile that would melt anyone’s heart. As we were laughing and playing, it’s as if I heard God whisper to me, “The least of these.”

Immediate culture shock

As Americans, we often complain about our living arrangements—especially college students, myself included. But think about how great we have it. We don't stop to think that we're so fortunate to live in a country where we are pampered and have become spoiled.

Prayers for Cuba

Looking back, my three weeks in Cuba were filled with immense blessings and time to be used by God.

Holy Spirit at work in Thailand

God is really at work. Just about every day, we head over to Chulalongkorn University where we have appointments with students.

Encouraging faces in Philly

God has used the people, the city and the churches to encourage and push our mission team in unimaginable ways since we’ve been in Philadelphia.


Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound

After living together maybe an hour, Brooke—my teammate and roommate this summer—and I discovered we both love to sing.

Opinion: The Penny Offering—A tribute to James Semple

A tall and graceful tree that stood 80 years in the forests of the Cedars of Lebanon has fallen, and he will be sorely missed. Texas Baptists are deeply indebted to James H. Semple.

Following Christ, not selling religion

Whenever I walk past a kiosk at the mall, I generally avoid eye contact with the salesman because I know he will try to push something on me. Occasionally, I’ll be friendly and say hello, but I never give the salesperson more than a half-second of my life.

Relationship Building 101

Three weeks into my time in Portugal, it felt like the true work was just beginning.
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