IN FOCUS: Seeking lost is the Father's passion

If I read Scripture correctly, the desire to find a lost daughter and the joy of finding her I felt is nothing compared to the passion our heavenly Father has for finding his lost children.

Texas Baptist Forum

I was extremely happy when finally an elected official called for a prayer rally.

Quotes in the News

"Why would we need to position ourselves through prayer to receive rain? Perhaps God intends to use the drought to show a self-sufficient culture our need of his provision. Perhaps he wants to answer our prayers so as to show a skeptical world that he is real and that prayer is powerful."--Jim Denison

RIGHT or WRONG? Religious test

Even though the U.S. Constitution states, "No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States," some people apply ad hoc religious tests to vet candidates. What can be done to counter this practice?

Two Lies for Labor Day: A transforming theology of work

As Labor Day approaches, let's separate deception from truth and construct a biblical theology of work that will transform us on Sunday and empower us on Monday.


DOWN HOME: 'Ezra time' equals happy time

Late summer 2011 will go down on our calendar as "Ezra Time."

EDITORIAL: 9/11: Still living in a long shadow

Chances are, you recall exactly where you were and what you were doing the moment you knew nobody ever would forget Sept. 11, 2001.


During our last few weeks in the village, my team was able to disciple some new believers through daily Bible studies.

Opinion: I apologized to Vicki today

Vicki Turner is my bright, vivacious and hard-working assistant. She is a strong woman, and she is African-American. She has been on the Gaston Oaks Baptist Church staff for almost 25 years. Vicki and I shared our experience of both recently viewing the film The Help.

God's grace

Halfway through our time in the village, Sam, one of the guys on my team, became really sick.

Is Jesus enough?

The conversation with my friend started out normally. As usual, I asked the Lord to give me an opportunity to share a word of Christian witness.

Conflicting voices

Asia hardhatTired. Overwhelmed. Tearful. These words described my spirit as the community health team and I headed across the city to do another hepatitis B camp.


2nd Opinion: Bumper-sticker theology of prayer

Most of the messages I read on bumper stickers are imminently forgettable. But I saw one the other day that still haunts me.

In Focus: Disaster relief shares hope of Christ

The Baptist General Convention of Texas works with wonderful partners in meeting the challenges of disaster response and relief.

Texas Baptist Forum

I thought it was sad when the atheists started complaining because we were going to get together and pray in Houston. But for Christians to complain about it just totally took me by surprise.

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