2nd Opinion: Missio-zippie Christians step up

Bill O’Brien says the age of mission is not over. But the style and method of missions is forever changed.

IN FOCUS: Good news for prisoners in Texas

As part of the City Reach initiative, the BGCT is partnering with Bill Glass Champions for Life to bring prominent sports figures to area prisons to meet with and minister to prisoners.

Texas Baptist Forum: Letter from a die-hard sports fan

Texas Baptist Forum: This is a letter from a die-hard sports fan.

Quotes in the News

“If you have been gay your whole life and feel that that’s the way God made you, God bless you. But I would still say that that doesn’t mean you should act on that."--Timothy Dolan


RIGHT or WRONG? Extravagant weddings

Each wedding at our church seems more ostentatious than the last. Brides’ and grooms’ families spend an extraordinary amount of money. How can these displays be reined in and more attention focused on two lives coming together?

DOWN HOME: Sage advice from a pigskin prophet

I’ve seen the spirit of individualism infect our churches and our convention. People talk more about “I” than “we.” Preachers focus on “you” instead of “us.”

EDITORIAL: What’s next for Baptists Committed?

Texas Baptists Committed’s board of directors must decide what to do with the organization, the most potent political force among Texas Baptists for the past quarter-century. The answer will have profound consequences for the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

Saying 'yes' to God in Kenya

I’ve been serving in Mombasa, Kenya, eight months now, and I decided to follow Christ wholeheartedly about two, maybe three, three months ago. That’s when I decided it was “all or nothing” and finally said “yes” to God. 


Meaningful ministry over a coffee cup

coffeecupOver pumpkin spice lattes, a young woman asked me about the meaning of baptism. Over green tea, a sorority girl celebrated the reality that in Christ she is made new. Over caramel macchiatos, a new friend described her desire to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation so she can know how great this God is to whom she prays.



Texas Baptist Forum

"Like most Christians, I am stunned to read about the Tempe, Ariz., Baptist pastor who prays for the death of our president."

Quotes in the News

“A lack of respect and civility in our discourse undermines our ability as a nation to solve our problems—and we have quite a lot of them at the moment.” --Richard Stengel

2nd Opinion: Billboard propaganda violates truth

For the next several months, people on the roads of Pinellas and Hillsborough counties in Florida will rumble past billboard ads making false claims and misleading assertions about our country’s history and commitment to religious freedom. One ad even fabricates a comment from the first president of the United States.
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