Step of faith

Recently, I was able to witness three people take the next and biggest step in faith—being baptized. This is a big step for all followers of Jesus Christ, but in the United States, we don’t always recognize what a big step it is and what it represents.

Texas Baptist Forum

Those of us who love and know Glorieta should be praying for it now...

Quotes in the News

"If you respect that vow, you say, 'til death do us part.' This is a kind of death." --Pat Robertson

2nd Opinion: A pastor by any other name ..

Two trends -- an increasing shortage of ministers and the plethora of new titles church pastors prefer to identify their role--may be related, according to ethicist Joe Trull.


Cartoon: "Is it possible to dedicate and excommunicate a child in the same service?"

In Focus: Religious liberty a cherished freedom

Baptists are not interested in religious liberty only for Christians but for the freedom to exercise religion for all people.

Reading the Culture: After 9/11, why intervention is not enough

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we were flooded with images, interviews and retrospectives on the worst terrorist attack in American history. The good news is that our Father still sits on the throne of the universe.

Right or Wrong? Subsurface racism

The racial composition of the population in our area is changing, and subsurface racism is rising. How do we address this transition from a New Testament perspective?

DOWN HOME: Lesson learned from a leaky roof

One of the most disconcerting (or is it simply annoying?) aspects of home ownership surfaces when a part of your house you normally take for granted fails to function.

EDITORIAL: Hurriedly trusting God's 'slow work'

Do you ever feel like you're living a "microwave life"? You know you're too rushed when you program the microwave oven to heat your leftovers and you stand in the kitchen thinking, "Why won't this blasted thing heat faster?" Seems like we're always in a rush.

Learning lessons

My first month in Vienna was a little rocky. Nothing bad was happening. I was just having a harder time adjusting to a new place, new people and a new language.

A broken heart

I make my way through a field of pestilence and foul odors, trying to hold my breath as much as I can. Crows circulate above me. I’m in the middle of a landfill. And next to it, thousands of people make their home.

Texas Baptist Forum

"Ever since Ronald Reagan assumed the presidency in 1980, Republicans in Congress, with help from some Democrats, have waged class warfare on the middle class and poor."

2nd Opinion: U.S. politics still running on faith

Perhaps we should be less concerned for America as a "faith-based nation" than a "conscience-based nation," where people are free to live in accordance with or contrary to a specific religious identity.

In Focus: Thank God for rain and changed lives

One of the calls to prayer we as Baptists quote most often is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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