Recount your blessings.

2nd Opinion: Missions gain 21st-century faces

The Global Mission Leadership initiative by the Baylor School of Social Work, with Jennifer Smyer as the director, is enabling a different way of thinking and doing global missions.

IN FOCUS: Partnerships empower missions

How do we make disciples of all the nations with costs increasing, missions giving down and doors closing to North Americans in some countries?

RIGHT or WRONG? Cremation

Our family cannot decide whether cremation is biblically acceptable. Can you provide some biblical reference points or standards?

DOWN HOME: Hot dog, it’s time to talk about hell

Some people call these the “dog days” of summer. If you ask me, that seems awfully unfair to canines.

EDITORIAL: Hot letters & Baptists’ priesthood

Some Baptists cannot embrace the paradoxes that result from the priesthood of all believers. They focus on the logical fact that opposing views cannot simultaneously be correct. And since they are sure they are correct, they are certain those who disagree with them must be wrong.

Texas Baptist Forum (Updated)

I still am in shock over the cut in insurance benefits for our retired Southwestern Seminary professor.

Love perseveres

God’s love truly has no limits. I have seen this proven true in countless ways in my life and in the lives of others—for example, the way God used Mike, Jarred and me to love one particular guy this summer here in Colorado.

God will do wonders

Christians in Venezuela are consecrating themselves, waiting for God to do wonders in their nation.


Father Abraham had many sons

Remember the motions to “Father Abraham,” the silly song for children? If you grew up attending Sunday school or kids choir, chances are it’s stuck in your memory.

Commentary: Decision on Islamic Center in tradition of religious liberty

New York City officials have taken care to treat the planned Islamic center the same way they would treat plans for a YMCA or Jewish community center in this space.  In so doing, these officials have honored core dictates of religious freedom.

Not gifted—just available

I have always been just a little uneasy when I hear the words “missions,” because I know that evangelism isn’t one of my spiritual gifts.

Experiencing Salmon Frenzy

salmon frenzy“Alaska is the closest place to heaven on earth.” That’s what a man on a plane to Alaska told one of my teammates.
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