Texas Baptist Forum: Americans & torture

Please review what you think consists of torture. Why does discomfort conform to torture?

Quotes in the news: Gay marriage

"The issue of gay marriage and the arguments for it are surprising when you first hear them."

RIGHT or WRONG: The 'Baptist' name

Why should we keep using the name “Baptist” since it is so divisive and detrimental to the cause of Christ?

DOWN HOME: No link between eyes & hands

Marv confesses he has no eye-hand coordination.

EDITORIAL: Bloggers should check their ‘facts’

Here’s a conundrum for you: How can bloggers keep on blogging if they’re unable to dial a telephone?

Cartoon: "I twitter"

Cartoon: "I twitter"

2nd Opinion: Handicapping the religious players

James A. Rudin, the American Jewish Committee’s senior interreligious adviser, evaluates the current strengths and weaknesses of America's various religious "teams."

IN FOCUS: Living sacrifices inspire faithfulness

The deaths of two prominent Baptist General Convention of Texas leaders in the past few weeks remind us of our indebtedness to those who have served faithfully as living sacrifices.

Texas Baptist Forum: Help small churches

"Working to strengthen small churches may be more difficult, but it may be better in the long run."

Quotes in the news

“For us to have such resources in our hands and not be willing to lend them to the extreme poor of the world is a sin.” --Rick McClatchy.

RIGHT or WRONG? Monitoring e-mail

A friend of mine recently was terminated from his job. In the exit interview, he was accused of misusing company e-mail by the way he identified some of his co-workers and supervisor. Isn’t this an issue of improper surveillance of an employee?

DOWN HOME: Welcome, friends, to graduation

Marv will be humming “Pomp and Circumstance” for weeks after he sits through three family commencement exercises.

EDITORIAL: Torture, life & moral consistency

Recently, I have been disappointed to learn the demographic group in which I reside—white evangelical Protestant Christians—is the segment of the U.S. population that most enthusiastically embraces torture.

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