Faithfulness through patience

One Saturday, my partner Jacey and I decided to get something to eat. While we were at the fast-food restaurant, Jacey pointed out a couple. The man was signing to his wife about what to get for dinner. I couldn’t take my eyes away.

Meeting needs in San Angelo

Serving with Kids Eat Free in San Angelo, I was away from home 10 long, wonderful and fun weeks. There was stress, loneliness and some frustration, but I think that has to be part of every great adventure.


Three life-changing hours

For three weeks, we worked on a preview for The Pursuit Church's All Star kids games.

Texas Baptist Forum

Allow the law-abiding citizens to be armed, and the massacres will stop, along with a lot of other crimes.

Quotes in the News

"If there are people who reject God or the church, Christianity or religiously inspired moral values, because of what conservative evangelical political activists do, this is disastrous from a Christian point of view." --David Gushee

God at work in England

LondonMy team came to help three churches with community outreach. The neighborhood where we worked was predominantly Muslim and Sikh.


IN TOUCH: College Station, Amarillo & Houston

Texas Baptist Executive Director David Hardage has been speaking with and listening to Texas Baptist ministers and laypeople across the state.

RIGHT or WRONG? Gas prices

Big oil companies are drilling, creating more jobs. But the price of gas still is rising—as are property values in areas near huge petroleum exploration. What gives?

DOWN HOME: Drought, sprinklers & Christian living

This is the time of year when my obsessive-compulsive and conscientious natures collide. I'm referring, of course, to my parched ponderosa, my scorched spread, my dehydrated homestead.

EDITORIAL: Faith: Compartmental or consistent?

Paul Ryan, Joe BidenThe candidates for vice president of the United States provide case studies in how Christians compartmentalize their faith. When they—and we—allow this to happen, expediency engulfs ethics; pragmatism pummels principle.

Three gold-medal days

Three days made my stay in Mexico totally worth it.

International ministry in Tennessee

When I arrived in Gatlinburg, Tenn., earlier this summer, I was surprised to discover it is one of the major tourist destinations of America.

Learning from children

I expected that the adults at Mission Denton—not the children we work with—would have an impact on my life. I have been surprised.

Building a bridge

As I seek to establish meaningful relationships with people in East Asia, it’s like building a bridge. Or maybe it’s more like building a pyramid, one layer at a time.

Thailand: A special place in my heart

Students ThailandGod is so faithful. There is a girl I recently met here in Bangkok whom I absolutely love. She really relates to us well, and she's just precious.

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