Simple life, simple gospel

On a recent Sunday morning, my teammates and I were invited to a village, where one of our new friends lived.


2nd Opinion: Texas obesity & our ‘food deserts’

What I’m just now fully realizing and understanding is what huge systemic problems lie at the root of hunger and poverty in Texas.

IN FOCUS: Reaching all our worlds for Christ

One of the things I have noticed lately is the number of different worlds I encounter in my daily life.

Texas Baptist Forum

By not having a Sunday school offering, are we failing to teach the children and youth about their personal stewardship responsibility?

Quotes in the News

“The world is too big and the task is too gigantic for a sectarian church.” --Blake Smith

RIGHT or WRONG? Inclusionary gospel

In a politically divided culture, How can Christians help maintain an inclusionary gospel?

DOWN HOME: A few cool words about summer A.C.

I’ve got an idea. Turn the thermostat up a few degrees in the summertime, particularly in public places.

EDITORIAL: Marriage, identity and "€˜one flesh"€™

The only way a marriage—any marriage—can endure is by achieving integrated identity that refuses to see the one as completely separate from the other and prefers the spouse to the self.


U-turn toward Jesus

“Samantha,” she said while reclining in my lap, “you look like Chucky Cheese!”

Life-changing journey

I’m at a loss for words to describe my recent trip to Haiti. Words cannot paint an adequate picture to portray how God has changed not only my life, but also the lives of nearly 15,00 Haitian people in the small city of Ferrier.

Laying a foundation

Uganda kids“Children are a gift from the Lord,” Psalm 127:3 says. Then why are there thousands of these precious gifts with no family to care for them in Kampala, Uganda alone, not to mention the rest of the world?

Preparing my heart

God, how can I help others if I, myself, am broken?

Perspective on beauty

As a summer missionary in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, I recently had the opportunity to view my mission field from two very different perspectives—high on top of a mountain and down in the city on the Gatlinburg Parkway, among the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

Quotes in the News

“Our family constitution gives a veto to the women’s caucus, and there is no override provision.” --Mitch Daniels

Reading the Culture: Explaining Osama bin Laden

Since May 1, we have learned much about the last days of Osama bin Laden. This week, I have learned much about the years which led to his life of terrorism. What caused a shy teenager to become the world’s most wanted man?

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