DOWN HOME: Mama Bear always saved the day

The Berenstain Bears books taught our kids important lessons. On the down side, the lesson was usually at the expense of Papa Bear.

EDITORIAL: So different & so much in common

Lovers of irony should relish the fact that—in alphabetical order—the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and Southern Baptist Convention have a lot in common these days.

Watching a new believer fall in love with Jesus

Last September, I became acquainted with an international student from Taiwan, and we became friends. She was raised Buddhist and did not know the Lord, but she was open to learning about Christianity.

2nd Opinion: Can Christians proselytize in love?

The reason “proselytizing” has gotten a bad name is related to how it has been done, not to its substance.

IN FOCUS: Telling stories of Christ & Texas Baptists

Our stories hold Texas Baptists together. We share common commitments, values and vision. Yet many Christ-followers share the same. What makes us unique?

Texas Baptist Forum

I am so disappointed the Baptist Standard would allow political bias and untruths to grace its pages, such as “Being upset is now all the rage” by Tom Ehrich (April 12).

Quotes in the News

“It is the very fact that I cannot manipulate, coerce or control God that makes me able to trust God, for if I could overpower the Almighty, so could someone else"-- Jeanie Miley

RIGHT or WRONG? Water as a weapon

James Workman has written a book, Heart of Dryness: How the Last Bushmen Can Help Us Endure the Coming Age of Permanent Drought. Is this another example of the paradoxical nature of simplified living, only applied on a global scale?

DOWN HOME: Cecil Sherman: No other like him

Baptists lost one of our true giants when Cecil Sherman died April 17.

EDITORIAL: Obedience, identification & hope

Since at least 1641, Baptists have immersed new believers, because the specific New Testament word, baptizein, means to dip or immerse.

In Focus: Was Texas Hope 2010 a success?

Now it is time to evaluate Texas Hope 2010 to learn what has happened over these past two years. Are there communities or people groups that have been neglected? How effective are the strategies and tools we are using to share the hope of Christ? How do we maintain the emphasis on prayer, care and share, not only in Texas, but throughout the nations?

2nd Opinion: Being upset is now all the rage

It is dangerous for the entire nation when the forces of hatred and bigotry are told they are the true patriots.

Texas Baptist Forum: Cowboy churches

Should a church exist around a special interest, like the Cowboy churches?
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