In a fit of impatient rage, architect Johnson unknowingly sparks an idea in the mid of the developer.

2nd Opinion: Rebranding American religions

James Rudin of the American Jewish Committee imagines what high-powered Madison Avenue PR gurus would recommend for America's faith communities.

Texas Baptist Forum

I believe Laura Bush has an ongoing relationship with the Lord, and her faith, like my own, has matured over time.

Quotes in the News

“The redemption of that which seemed most unredeemable from our human perspective—that is precisely the business of the gospel we are in, is it not? And the gospel applies to our wrenched marriages as much as it does to our souls.” -- Glenn Stanton

DOWN HOME: What we’ll think as we walk the aisle

The other night, Jo and I got to talking about our “Molly memories,” before we escort our daughter down the aisle this week to marry her waiting-and-excited beau.

EDITORIAL: Good news in the demographic shift

Christianity is growing most rapidly in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Within about a generation, only about 20 percent of Christians will be white. The vast majority will be Hispanic, African and Asian.

At the feet of Jesus in the Colorado Rockies

Time flew by during my first week in Fort Collins, Colo., and I feel like we have had a month of activity going on.

Claiming the authority of Christ

I was talking to some of the people from another mission team working with us about how I was struggling with being here in Philadelphia.

Close calls and God's provision

God is all around, even in the hustle and bustle of the Shibuya area of Tokyo, Japan.

Set apart for service in Philadelphia

Living in Texas all my life, I never really realized how thick my accent is. But after being in Philadelphia just a few days, I have quickly realized how strong my southern drawl is, and believe me when I say that I’m not the only one who has noticed.

Ministry begins before the flight lands

I haven’t even been here a week, and already God has done some amazing things. From the beginning, God has used our mission team in awesome ways.

Reading the Culture: Hand washing and elephants

When confronted with more facts than we could possibly ever absorb, it's good to remember that “The Lord is a God who knows, and by him deeds are weighed” (1 Samuel 2:3). He is reading your heart as you read these words.

RIGHT or WRONG? Denominational loyalty

I’m watching friends who graduated from Baptist seminaries change denominations. I’m beginning to think they are no different than politicians who change political party affiliations to get re-elected. What is the appropriate sense of denominational loyalty these days?
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