Cartoon: David ignores some sound advice.

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“To say we are made in God’s image means we have been made in the image of generosity. True spirituality means God has given us something we didn’t deserve that we, in turn, authentically offer to others in a spirit of generosity.”--Glen Schmucker

2nd Opinion: It’s looking a lot like ... Advent

In early October when I made a quick stop in a local discount store, I couldn’t help but notice the strange combination of products in the promotional section near the front of the store.

IN FOCUS: Offering hope for a new decade

Time magazine describes this past 10 years as “The Decade from Hell” in its Dec. 7 cover story. Where were Texas Baptists?

Texas Baptist Forum

An army that shoots its wounded.

RIGHT or WRONG? The Sabbath

Many leadership programs create the tyranny of the urgent.  What does the concept of Sabbath mean in this context?

DOWN HOME: Anticipating Christmas

Here’s the hardest part about these weeks leading up to Christmas: Anticipation.

EDITORIAL: What role has faith in public policy?

The tension between Christian compassion and the duties of citizenship—particularly the responsibilities of public officials—has been in the news lately.

Sweet fellowship far from home

My missionary partner, Andrew, and I went to town to pick up some things for dinner. While we were in the supermarket, we met an American missionary couple.

Unexpected help from a Kenyan angel

My missions partner, Al, and I traveled by bus to Nairobi, arriving as the sun was setting—not the ideal situation for two guys walking around with suitcases, looking for a matatu (shared taxi) to Limuru. But God may have sent an angel our way that evening.

Tastes like home

Here in Nyeri, Kenya, there are many coffee plantations around—some of the world’s best quality coffee all around me. But I love Julie's Coffee Shop because it tastes like home.

Divine appointment at a cafe

I came to the café to take a break from a long day of ministry. But when the Spirit of God lives in you and you are attentive to his leadership, it is quite possible your plans may be interrupted.


"Of all the altar calls in all the aisles of all the churches in all the world, you had to walk down mine."
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