EDITORIAL: Familiar psalm; unexpected words

Lately, I've been pondering a couple of common words in uncommon sentences. See, I've been laboring over a sermon on the 23rd Psalm.

Never forget

All we know are beginnings and ends, starts and finishes—point A to point B.

Humble heroes

When I think of a village, I think of no electricity, water from the river and food from the jungle. That is exactly what I saw at this village my teammates and I visited.


A peek into the slum

South Asia girlTin roofs. Clothes hanging to dry. Stray dogs and cats. Dirt roads. Buckets of water. Trash. This is what I saw in a slum in South Asia.

Dusty feet

I shook the dust off my feet.

Free and clean

A man drove here to the Hospitality House in Huntsville from Dallas to pick up his brother who was being released from prison.

Opinion: Responding to The Response

Bill LeonardOn Aug. 6, thousands of Christians will join in a day of prayer and fasting at “The Response,” a “solemn assembly” at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Its purpose, leaders say, is “to pray for a historic breakthrough for our country and a renewed sense of moral purpose. We want the presence, power and person of Christ to fill our nation and turn the hearts of millions to righteousness, peace and joy in Him.”



Students blessingSitting in an office working on files all day isn't my idea of fun, but there are times when it is necessary here at World Relief.



What God desires

The ceiling leaked, the fans were noisy, and dogs kept barking outside. In this building, the congregation of Shiloh Baptist Church met.

Building relationships

Bowden and LiamA group from California who arrived here in North Wales to run a basketball camp was short-handed. So, they asked my team members and me if we wanted to help them. We eagerly accepted the invitation.

Free indeed

I have come to set the captives free. These sweet words ran through my mind and heart as I sat listening to my new friend share her life-changing story with me.

In Focus: Plan now to attend BGCT in Amarillo

Sooner than you may think, it will be time to gather in Amarillo to help shape the future of Texas Baptists, our missions and our ministries.

Texas Baptist Forum

The editor quotes the book of Amos to remind us of the futility of offerings or prayers not consistent with the practice of humility and worship. Seems I remember a verse that begins: "If my people …" (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Quotes in the News

"Now we know the reality of so many others in the world where violence pierces the lives of the innocent." --Olav Fykse Tveit

Reading the Culture: What Muslims really think

The book Who Speaks For Islam? What A Billion Muslims Really Think, based on the largest poll of Muslims ever, reveals some surprising facts about the global Islamic community.

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