Following Christ, not selling religion

Whenever I walk past a kiosk at the mall, I generally avoid eye contact with the salesman because I know he will try to push something on me. Occasionally, I’ll be friendly and say hello, but I never give the salesperson more than a half-second of my life.

Relationship Building 101

Three weeks into my time in Portugal, it felt like the true work was just beginning.

Open hearts

We are settling into a familiar schedule here in Thailand, but that doesn’t mean the work is routine.



Foreign language

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to speak a different language—or how about being the person trying to communicate with another but nobody understands you?

More than a fan

I have learned so much serving here in San Felipe, Venezuela.

Mexico: In need of hope

Students MexicoIt was a beautiful, amazing, and exhausting day. We got to play with the kids at the orphanage.


2nd Opinion: Maybe God is not finished yet

My wife and I recently went to a movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, with some friends. I was surprised to hear a kernel of gospel truth in the dialogue.

In Touch: Of radio, friends, bivocationals & BWA

Summer is more than halfway behind us, and I've heard so many good reports from our churches about their time at Vacation Bible School, youth and children's camp, and mission trips.

Texas Baptist Forum

"I neglected to give credit where it is due in my response when accepting the Greg Warner Lifetime Achievement Award from Associated Baptist Press." -- Toby Druin.

Quotes in the News

"The rest of the country should take a good look at the situation in Texas, because this is what happens when you keep Medicaid enrollment as low as possible and don't undertake insurance reforms." --Elena M. Marks

Right or Wrong? Cyber-bullying

A friend of mine has been receiving emails from her pastor, and I think he's a cyber-bully. What legal guidelines define cyber-bullying, even if a minister does the emailing?

DOWN HOME: Head-on crash, precious reminders

Life turns in an instant. Our family relearned that ancient truth July 4, when a southbound car careened into the northbound lane of a rural highway in southwestern Oklahoma, crashing head-on into my parents' minivan.

EDITORIAL: The 'God particle' & the Creator

Unless you've been sucked into a black hole, you've heard of the Higgs boson. Raise your hand if, when you first saw "the God particle" in a headline, you plowed into the story to see if scientists had discovered a subatomic something that explains and/or verifies the existence of God. Me, too.

Cuba: Allowing the Spirit to speak

I've had a blast living among the Cuban people. They are really fun to be around, and they want their families to know Christ.

Colorado: The gift of servanthood

Not long ago, my partner, Gabby, and I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for more than 130 people for Pursuit Church in Fort Collins, Colo., after Sunday worship
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