In love with Colorado

It's crazy how when God calls you to a country, state, city or people group, the connection is immediate.

Planting seeds in Washington State

Stephanie GibsonMy fellow team members Kyle and Jake were walking around the grocery store sharing a Bible verse with each person they happened to pass in the aisles.


Seeking guidance

I’m underneath the grayest, gloomiest clouds that have ever existed, and it’s just a matter of time before rain starts to drizzle. Occasionally a beam of sunshine can be seen, but only for a few minutes before being swallowed by the sky full of depressed clouds.

Right or Wrong? Disasters are God's wrath

Some preachers and theologians have called natural disasters God's judgment on sinful people. Don't everyday Christians—especially folks who suffer loss—have a right to declare such "prophecy" grandstanding and totally inappropriate?

Texas Baptist Forum

A hardy amen  for Robert Jeffress and his stand on gay marriage.

Quotes in the News

"Since his inevitability as a candidate this spring, you've seen evangelical leaders who took pleasure in calling Mormonism a cult come to his side. Things are changing." --Joanna Brooks

Wales: 'First-world' problems

WalesOne of my teammates asked how I slept. Sleeping in a full-sized bed after being accustomed to a twin bed, I answered that my bed was "too big." Laughing, he joked that this was a "First World problem."


2nd Opinion: 'Why did God make stickers?'

My 4-year-old grandson, Anthony, will have to grapple with a world that is brimming with evil and suffering. And like the rest of us, he often will wonder why God would create such a world.

In Touch: The Metroplex to Shallowater & Bryan

Several years ago, I was introduced to the ministry of Tillie Burgin and Mission Arlington and was impressed. Recently, I visited Mission Arlington and talked with Tillie and was almost overwhelmed by the scope and effectiveness of this endeavor.

Down Home: Old table's gone to a better place

I've loved our old kitchen table. To me, it's an artifact of inestimable worth. By now, you've probably guessed it's gone.

Editorial: A possibility for immigration reform

Gridlock has become the metaphor for 21st century America. Fortunately, Americans of faith and goodwill have taken significant action toward unsnarling an ideological intersection that has been gridlocked for years—immigration reform.

Missions close to home

I’m in third week here in Round Rock at the Texas Baptist Children’s Home. It certainly has been an eye-opening experience—even though it’s only 20 minutes away from home.

Uncomfortable and loving it

Saturday night at Fun Spot was insanely busy, so when I saw the smiling faces of the other missionaries coming to visit us at work, I was beyond thrilled.

A piece of my heart

Two weeks ago, I boarded a plane for Grand Goave, Haiti, not knowing what to expect — except that God was about to do something radical within my heart. Did he ever!

The Lord added to their number

The Scripture passage for a daily Bible study seemed to summarize what my summer in South Korea should be all about.


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