Redistricting and justice, plus more on Moore

Letters this week focused on the recent editorial about the injustice of gerrymandered legislative districts and the challenges to Southern Baptist ethics leader Russell Moore.


Learn to listen; follow Jesus’ model

Letters this week focused on listening and using words wisely, as well as following Jesus’ example for relating to people.

Tx congressional districts

Editorial: How can Texas claim to be righteous and embrace injustice?

Baptists—who claim the gospel is good news for all people—must champion fair, representative legislative districts, as well as equal opportunity for all citizens to cast their ballots.


Bobby Dagnel: Leading the church to engage

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Bobby Dagnel, pastor of First Baptist Church in Lubbock.

vintage phone

‘The call,’ or ‘_ _ _ _, the preacher is coming’

The words pastors overhear—and overlook—often explain the context of ministry.


Voices: May women know our churches are filled with 'men on bicycles'

Every woman and girl should know the men in our congregations are “the men on bicycles”—protective, pure, faithful and courageous.


Voices: Keys to church revitalization, Part 1

What causes a congregation to seem negative during decline and exciting during revitalization? Ross Shelton, pastor of First Baptist Church in Brenham, offers some answers.

mustard seeds

Voices: Faith doesn’t require perfection

Faith does not always lead us to victorious living or our best life now. Our better life is not promised here. What is promised here is joy, hope and love in the midst of our wandering.


Voices: If you have the Lord, you have everything

May the church cease to be known as anything other than the people of God’s presence.

bgct logo

Heiligman: Let’s pray Jesus' prayer—for unity

Unity of the local church is the chief testimony that will convince the world of the truth of Jesus’ message and mission.

word bubble

Editorial: Lovely words, loving God, loving others

When Christians are among the worst at speaking coarsely—vilifying and demeaning others—no wonder unbelievers and people of other faiths think badly of us, and also of our Savior.

Chris McLain

Chris McLain: ‘… breaking bread together in faith’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Chris McLain, pastor of First Baptist Church in Crowell.


Voices: There’s one in every crowd

Does God have a unique assignment for the contrarians in every church? Maybe they’re there to convict everyone else’s conscience.

family restroom

Voices: Allowed ain't able, or able ain't allowed

How many families with special needs and how many senior adults are not involved in your church’s ministry because your physical space will not accommodate them?


Voices: Don’t vilify the BGCT, and don’t demonize other churches

Honest, genuine grief is an appropriate response to the division within the Baptist General Convention of Texas regarding response to churches that welcome and affirm LGBT members.

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