good enough

2nd Opinion: For vision, good enough isn't enough

When it comes to mediocre, good-enough vision, what churches see is what they get.

Robert Jeffress

Editorial: The ‘downward death spiral’ of hypocrisy

Politics isn't worth the risk of ruining Jesus' reputation.

very afraid

Guest editorial: Addicted to fear

Sadly, Christians are among the leading addicts to fear. From BNG.

UT-Rio Grande Valley: Start with prayer

UT-Rio Grande Valley: Start with prayer

Student Missions Blog: Baptist Student Ministries from all over Texas gathered recently to be part of the annual prayer retreat, Abide. It was an incredible experience to begin the semester in the presence of God through prayer.

Oregon: Making friends, giving God the glory

Oregon: Making friends, giving God glory

Student Missions Blog: From graduating at Dallas Baptist University a month ago to living in Oregon now, it seems like my life has been going nonstop. But recently, the Lord reminded me how to slow down, seek him and simply love people.

bgct logo

René Maciel: DBU, ETBU ‘do a wonderful job’

Dallas Baptist University and East Texas Baptist University have been preparing ministers and training laity for decades.

old church

2nd Opinion: What I’ve learned from two decades in the gospel ministry

Two decades in ministry have taught Christian ethicist Russell Moore a few lessons.

Muslims in Mecca

Analysis: Do Muslims worship ‘our’ God?

Devout Christians take three approaches in deciding if they believe Islam's Allah is the same as Christianity's God.

syrian refugees

Guest editorial: Christian-Muslim dialogue must recognize ‘harsh realities’

How Christians respond to the Syrian refugee crisis will define the advance of Christian-Muslim interactions.

Moldova: Gaining new perspective

Moldova: Gaining new perspective

Student Missions Blog: Going into the mission, I did not know what to expect. I knew we would be working with orphans and giving them shoes, but this mission was so much more than that. God used this mission to open my heart to what he calls us all to do—bring others to Christ.

Jamaica: Building faith while building houses

Jamaica: Building faith while building houses

Student Missions Blog: Alongside other teams and the Jamaicans, we dug pits, mixed concrete, hauled mudstone, sang songs, told jokes and built relationships.

Trump at Liberty

Editorial: Should U.S. Christians seek 'protection'?

If Christians follow Jesus consistently, they will reject offers of political "protection."


East Asia: ‘We are sisters now’

Student Missions Blog: I spent Christmas in East Asia, meeting university students and spreading the gospel to more than 100 people who never had even heard the name Jesus.

Jamaica: Laying foundations

Jamaica: Laying foundations—physically and spiritually

Student Missions Blog: I helped build a house and lay a foundation, working alongside Jamaicans while investing in their lives to show them Christ—the true foundation.

New York: Sowing the Good News

New York: Sowing the Good News

Student Missions Blog: A lot of us are meant to be sowers. We are meant to scatter to seed of God’s word around to others, so that after hearing it, they may grow. This can be difficult sometimes.


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