IN FOCUS: Is God calling you to be a missionary?

If we are going to be Acts 1:8 Christ-followers who are witnesses to our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth, then many of our folks must be willing to be missionaries.

2nd Opinion: Congregations need a sanctuary

What has happened to reverence for God and respect for the sanctuary of God?

Texas Baptist Forum

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Great Commission Task Force report, like Brutus with Caesar, shows up late and then praises our Cooperative Program before assassinating it.


The phrase “out-foxed” is coined.

Quotes in the News

“Saying this year’s increase in baptisms is good news is like bragging your state moved from the 47th to 46th state in educational achievement. It’s better, but it’s not time for a parade.” --Ed Stetzer

DOWN HOME: Summer reminds us of you-know-what

Let the griping commence: Looks like this summer’s going to be hotter than Satan’s pitchfork.

EDITORIAL: Budget requires vigorous priority

The Baptist General Convention of Texas must think faithfully and courageously about its 2011 budget. The reality is that the BGCT does not have enough money to fund every ministry it wants to operate.

Using English lessons to share the gospel

My team and I arrived in Senegal, met our host and began teaching him English. He knew some English from previous years but still needed some additional instruction.

Opinion: The Texas textbook war in historical context

The latest skirmish in white Southern religion’s war against history recently reached its climax in Texas. As has often been the case since the antebellum era, cultural religion won and American history lost.


The phrase "Tastes just like chicken" is born.

2nd Opinion: Desperately seeking home & rest

Lord Byron needed to understand Psalm 90:1: “Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations.”

IN FOCUS: What will it take to reach Texas?

Looking back on Texas Hope 2010, we recognize the most effective way to reach our state for Christ is through the local church. Only the church has all the gifts of the Spirit needed to share the hope of Christ and nurture new believers to maturity.

Texas Baptist Forum

Great Commission Resurgence Task Force recommendation No. 4 (the “redirection” of the North American Mission Board) has got to be defeated.
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