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"I am thankful for Limbaugh, one of a few conservative voices amid the dominating liberal media."

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"If you don't love America, if you don't like the way we do things, I have one thing to say: Get out! We don't worship Buddha. … We don't worship Muhammad. We don't worship Allah. We worship God. We worship God's son, Jesus Christ!" --Dennis Terry

Right or Wrong? Background checks

Are financial and criminal background checks on our staff and all our volunteer workers intrusive and unnecessary?

DOWN HOME: A Gnat, a gullet & thoughts of sin

I swallowed a speck-sized winged whizzer the other morning. It happened about 5:35 as I ran beside a pond not far from our house.

EDITORIAL: An ancient story; still true in 2012

Oppression of the poor is as old as the Bible, but so is compassion.

Reading the Culture: Hunger Games

Reading the CultureWhat does the popularity  of the novel and film The Hunger Games say about our culture?


Making connections

During my mission work with a refugee ministry, I’ve been spending a lot of time at a local soccer field to get connected with the youth.


"No, think outside the box."

Texas Baptist Forum

Rush Limbaugh is no stranger to inflammatory words.

Quotes in the News

The steady eyes of faith that enable us to do good in the midst of evil cannot be underestimated. ---Richard Bridges

2nd Opinion: Lending practices & theology

The Baptist Church Loan Corporation believes in the "theology of a loan," which recognizes the inherent God-given dignity of each person we serve as we hope to help turn dreams into reality.

IN TOUCH: Good news, from Dallas to Rosenberg

David Hardage has been travelling the state encouraging Texas Baptist ministries.

Right or Wrong? Spiritual disciplines

We have joined a church that emphasizes "spiritual disciplines." I grew up admonished to resist anything that resembles salvation by works. Is this what we've gotten ourselves into?

DOWN HOME: Poignant news from 'a sunny dirt road'

You never know when you'll turn a page and stumble back in time. This happened the other day, as I read the latest edition of one of my newsmagazines. A three-word headline leaped from the page, overwhelmed my memory banks and carried me more than 20 years into the past.

EDITORIAL: Winsome witness to repulsive religion

Wherever you turn, it seems, you see Americans arguing about religion. Small wonder, then, the fastest-growing religious group in the nation is composed of the "nones," or people who say they have no religious affiliation.
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