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I was startled to see the picture of a baptismal service on pages 6 and 7 in the June 15 issue. I am that young man immersing a candidate in water at the far left of the photo, which brought back vivid memories.

Quotes in the News

“The Church never fears the truth of science, because we are convinced that all truth comes from God."-- Giovanni Lajolo.

RIGHT or WRONG? Sharing faith with Muslims

How can I share my Christian faith with my Muslim neighbor without offending him?

Sharing hope in New Jersey

GlobeThe day began cloudy, but our prayers were answered as the sun came out closer to noon. Casey, Lisa and I headed to the Martins' house around 4 p.m. to prepare for the Bible club for the kids. We had a great time preparing for the club, by putting up signs, balloons and setting up the games for the kids. Around 6:30, we headed out to the apartments for some last-minute rounding up for the club.

Finding Jesus in South Asian AIDS clinic

globeA group of 30 to 40 children from a local orphanage came to our little clinic for their monthly checkups.

All of these children are HIV-positive. Most will not live to see their 10th birthday. But when these children come into the clinic, they see that they are loved and valued. It was very humbling for me to get to sit with these children, give them cold water and proclaim Jesus to them.

2nd Opinion: Where in the world is paradise?

Cozumel, Mexico, may look like paradise. But a hurricane can remind residents they're still subject to the cares and woes of this world.

DOWN HOME: Take a muddy ride down life’s road

With water always in short supply across Texas, why do I have such a hard time driving to church without messing up my car?

EDITORIAL: So what if the sign says ‘Baptist’?

Baptists around the world are celebrating our 400th anniversary this year, but what it means to be "Baptist" has become bewildering.

IN FOCUS: Where do your cooperative funds go?

The Cooperative Program gifts from our churches provide the financial foundation for everything the BGCT does.

Texas Baptist Forum

Many readers responded to an editorial on U.S. torture policy.

Quotes in the news

 David Gushee pronounces "anathema" on churches that support the U.S. torture policy.

RIGHT or WRONG? Helping the needy

My pastor tells me that, with the downturn in the economy, more people are requesting assistance from our church. We have limited funds. What can we do?

Love flows in a Guatemalan orphanage

We spent a week in Zacapa, Guatemala, working in the orphanage there. I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking truth into these kids lives—by telling them they are loved by us and more importantly by God, by encouraging them to dream and study and play and live.

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