"He was dog-paddling across the baptistry, retrieving new belivers."

Texas Baptist Forum: 2nd Amendment revisited

Knox does not know what he is talking about when he mentions militias.

Quotes in the News

"We know there is a difference between embracing and respecting the authority of the biblical revelation and pretending the Bible is some consistent catalogue of truth from which a verse here and a verse there can provide a definitive statement on every issue we encounter." --John Pierce

2nd Opinion: 1st Amendment protects everyone

Attempts to favor one faith—historically Protestant Christianity—over others in the public square are doomed to fail in the new religious America of the 21st century.

IN TOUCH: Salado, BSM, Truett, Dallas & STCHM

It appears Kathleen and I are getting close to buying a home in Dallas.

Reading the Culture: Who will win the election?

We are in a new period of presidential politics, one unlike any our generation has experienced. This is the argument of Michael Barone, co-author of The Almanac of American Politics.

Right or Wrong? Helping the poor

Jesus said the poor "always" will be with us. Was he talking about all the people who don't have much money, or just the ones we call the "deserving poor" or the "poor in spirit"? How should Christians treat this problem?

DOWN HOME: Long, hard summer; valuable lessons

To the summer of 2012, I say a heartfelt and unremorseful "Good riddance."

EDITORIAL: Why not deflect hostility with love?

Do you think Americans despise religion, and particularly Christianity? That's the assessment of the new "Survey of Religious Hostility in America."


Lessons learned

It is not a question whether this summer was challenging. At moments it was flat-out difficult. 

Bringing peace to a heavy heart

Among our other tasks, our team visited people in Puebla, Mexico.

Comfortable surroundings

One thing I have found really awesome since arriving in East Asia is that it is not so different from home. We are living in a very nice westernized apartment that has pretty much everything I could want—minus Internet, so far.

From tears to joy

For most of my time in Asia, I felt a lot spiritual warfare happening.

Rain or shine

When we had our last block party of the summer, it underscored the sad realization that we only had a few short weeks left in Philly. 

Sharing our dreams

My three-week trip to East Asia included two camps—one for college students and the second one where I volunteered to serve poor children.
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