RIGHT or WRONG? Explaining away sin

How do you deal with people who hide their sins behind the Bible?

DOWN HOME: Martha: My sister, my hero

My sister was my hero. The world, and now heaven, are far better places because of Martha’s presence.

EDITORIAL: Care earns our right to share

If Texas Baptists will be friendly, and if we don’t forget our families, Texas Hope 2010 should have a huge impact on the Lone Star State.

Lessons learned—Keys to remember when booking an evangelist

Mike Barrera, pastor of United Baptist Church in Laredo, offers some practical advice for a church choosing an evangelist for their revival meeting.

IN FOCUS: Have you made your Pentecost plans?

On Pentecost Sunday, we should recommit to the commission of the church to make disciples of all the nations.

Texas Baptist Forum: Thanks from Galveston

We in Galveston Baptist Association appreciate all of the response we have had as a result of the ravages of Hurricane Ike.

Quotes in the News

"When you come and tell people not to vote for any Muslims, you’re talking about an entire group. I was born in this country."-- Ali Saleh

RIGHT or WRONG? Caring for the vulnerable

The Epistle of James says true religion is marked by care for widows and orphans. Are these categories still in effect for Christian ministry?

DOWN HOME: Patriotism, brains & the economy

My wife, Joanna, is a great American and a very smart girl. Eventually, that combination is going to cost me.

EDITORIAL: Investment of the ‘best & brightest’

Encourage the best and brightest young people you know to invest themselves in careers that will enrich society, not merely their own bank accounts.

The Tongue: A Powerful Tool For Or Against God

To control the tongue, Christians must walk in the Spirit and consistently guard their words.

Cartoon: Mural support

Cartoon: Don't worry about us. We're just here for mural support.

2nd Opinion: Easter in China: Only 3 eggs

At a rural church in China, self-sacrifice in the form of three eggs represented the mystery of Christ's sacrifice and Resurrection to visiting Americans.

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