DOWN HOME: Topanga, a squeaky ball & cosmic fetch

I’ve thought quite a bit about how Topanga plays fetch, and I’ve decided it’s all about control.

EDITORIAL: Would you have been Jesus’ friend?

If we follow Jesus’ example, we extend the circle of love. Not just to the lovely. Not just to the ones who loved us first. Not just to the ones whose bartered affection benefits us.

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When we walked into the Kadariya’s house, Narmiya and her friend were on the floor, reciting the Bhagavat-Gita.

2nd Opinion: ‘What are you doing here, Elijah?’

When the critic criticizes, when we feel all alone, we ought to turn to God, because no one else has the authority and the ability to help us.

IN FOCUS: Blessing grief by gifting someone else

Each one of us is called to minister in the name of our Lord as we carry one another’s burdens.

Texas Baptist Forum

The theory of evolution specifically excludes any help from God. Does the good doctor see no conflict here?

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"Christians have to be cautious about uncritically adopting secular environmentalist perspectives. As salt and light in the debate, we can bring a voice of hope to a conversation that’s been dominated by doom-and-gloom.” --Rusty Pritchard

RIGHT or WRONG? Wasteful attack ads

If you could take all that money and channel it to gospel causes, how would you spend it?

DOWN HOME: Crashing ceiling, many blessings

Joanna heard a “boom!” and knew it was an omen of misfortune.

EDITORIAL: Will desperation breed dumbness?

Texas will suffer if the Legislature slashes one of the most vital educational programs, the Tuition Equalization Grants.

2nd Opinion: Of chiropractors & Christians

We Christians should not be surprised that a “witness” that sounds like an infomercial for a faddish trend fails to attract disciples.

IN FOCUS: Heritage links BGCT to institutions

One of the things that makes the BGCT unique is the number of institutions we have and the support we give to them.  All of our universities are examples of our continued commitment to Christian higher education.

Texas Baptist Forum

Our culture has changed; Muslims want Christians to accept Mohammad as a prophet sent from God.

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