DOWN HOME: Another birthday, thanks be to God

By the time you read this, Marv's birthday will be over. He's had 53 so far.

EDITORIAL: Dr. Micah’s health care prescription

What will our nation do about health care? That question dominates the American social and political landscape this autumn. Dr. Micah has some input for us.

Opinion: On race, thoughtful analysis over hyperbole

This week, former President Jimmy Carter accused a wide swath of President Barack Obama’s critics of being driven by racism. His unfortunate criticism underscored that simplistic views on race are easily hurled into the public domain as a political weapon. But, as is most often the case with racial hyperbole, Carter’s words lacked thoughtful analysis.

In Kenya, change of plans according to God's design

I went with Rose, Colby, and Robyn to Mombasa Baptist High School for a sports day with the students. As it turned out, I ended up speaking to the students during chapel.

Opinion: Respecting the presidency -- and our faith

When I was young, the mantra parents and teachers voiced to encourage students that anything was possible with enough work and focus on the task at hand was to say, “You could grow up to be president.”

A vessel shaped by the Master Potter

A girl and two guys came in the coffee shop and sat at the table across from me. After watching them take pictures of each other, I offered to take one of the three of them. They enthusiastically thanked me.

Quotes in the News

“Bad times are good times for churches because people will turn to the Lord when things are going bad. When things are going great, they ignore God.”
Rick Warren
Author and megachurch pastor, addressing the General Council of the Assemblies of God (Charisma/RNS)

Texas Baptist Forum: Foreign aid

We need better foreign aid that uses the resources we already have in a more efficient way.

In Focus: Center encourages effective leadership

The Texas Baptist Center for Effective Leadership has been established to provide resources for pastors, church staffs and congregations in developing excellent leadership skills and practices.

Right or Wrong?: Religious liberty tied to ethical decision-making

I think religious liberty lies at the core of ethical decision-making, whether for an individual or a group.

Down Home: The 3rd toddler to live in our home

That toddler would be Topanga, the greatest dog in the world.

Editorial: Skip a meal. Save lives. Eternally.

If Texas Baptists skipped a meal or donated the cost of a dinner to fight hunger, we could walk a long way together toward Christlike ministry to the people Jesus called “the least” in our state, across our nation and around the world.

'Praying' trees in Tahoe City

Tahoe City offers breathtaking beauty that never ends. And I have the pleasure of teaching Bible stories and working daily with beautiful first and second graders here.
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