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“The relationships that are being built mean everything. ... When an evangelical Christian gets to know a Muslim, the whole defense of Islam has stepped up to a higher level because ... you’re no longer talking about a religion. You’re talking about my friend.” --Joel Hunter

2nd Opinion: True value: Freedom of conscience

David Gushee says freedom of conscience is a sacred value that easily disappears if not protected vigilantly.

IN FOCUS: Do we really mean, ‘Come as you are’?

Unfortunately, some of the negative impressions outsiders have of Baptists come from listening to our conversations and watching our lives.

Texas Baptist Forum: Homosexuality & the church

“Extreme disappointment” describes my reaction to your July 13 editorial.

RIGHT or WRONG? Earth-friendly

How can I teach my children to be more earth-friendly?

DOWN HOME: Sometimes fear can teach you a lesson

For a second, I experienced a clear and present fear: “You’re the King of Doofuses. You’re about to turn this jet ski over on top of yourself."

EDITORIAL: Ten traits to teach today’s ministers

Here are 10 skills seminaries and churches need to emphasize in the training of ministers.

From Kenya: The tale of a turban

We were out one day evangelizing in one of the neighboring slums when I come across a group of guys wearing turbans. Through a translator, I started sharing the gospel with them.

Contagious evangelism in New York

I was leading a team in New York City for an urban missions experience led by the Gallery Church.  We set out for Riverside Park on the west side of the city with 25 white helium balloons and a disposable camera.

Learning lessons at a children's home

Throughout my experiences so far this summer, I feel like God has been teaching me about my own arrogance. I’ve had the mindset that I’m sacrificing my summer to help God fulfill what he desires for the youth at the children’s home. However, the truth is that God doesn't need me at all.

Sharing the gospel door-to-door in Kenya

globeWe walked with Shadrach into the most distant areas of Karanji, and the Spirit directed us to stop at a particular compound. We went in and began knocking on doors.

A lesson about love on the streets of Vancouver

globeMy partner and I had dinner with a big mission group from California who were here in Vancouver for a week to help out with some kind of ministry to kids. They were a great group of brothers and sisters in Christ, and I really enjoyed their company. That night after we finished our meal and headed outside, I had an opportunity to show love.


“Because of the drought, we recommend placing an extra brick in the baptistry and only baptize on odd-numbered Sundays.”

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