2nd Opinion: Faith, foreign policy & Christians

Do you send or support missions in other countries? Is a veteran in your congregation returning from Iraq or Afghanistan? Are your church members relocating around the globe for school, work or for short-term missions? The you need to be concerned with U.S. foreign policy.

RIGHT or WRONG? Short-term missions

I have a chance to participate with other churches and denominations in short-term international missions, but some of my church friends say such involvement is anti-Baptist and even anti-gospel.

DOWN HOME: Lifetime blessing on ‘Forty Acres’

Some places are holy and timeless. That’s what the campus of our alma mater, Hardin-Simmons University, is for Joanna and me.

EDITORIAL: Learning lessons from right & left

Leave it to a conservative Christian columnist and a liberal Jewish comedian to provide wisdom amidst election-year political upheaval, uncertainty and malaise.

Learning to listen, listening to learn

We visited the house of a Bhutanese refugee family. As gracious and hospitable hosts, they wouldn't let us leave without feeding us.

"I just want to be alone"

One of my students, 5-year-old Summer, arrived at class upset, saying she didn’t want to be there.


“I figured out why I’m struggling to digest the ‘meat of the word.’ I’m a spiritual vegetarian.”

Texas Baptist Forum

It is shameful our country is failing to reduce significantly the increasing numbers of people living in poverty.

Right or Wrong: Women pastors

I am a woman who heard God’s call to pastoral ministry. But I’m hesitant about following that call and attending seminary, because so many Baptists oppose women pastors. I’m not interested in changing denominations. What do you suggest?

Reading the Culture: ‘The way we’re working isn’t working’

Tony Schwartz, founder and president of The Energy Project, wants to help people and organizations “harness the science of high performance to fuel energy, engagement, focus and productivity.”

IN FOCUS: It’s our turn to share Christ’s love

Texas Baptists have found a way to share Christ’s love throughout the decades. Now it is our turn. How will we be God’s faithful witnesses?

2nd Opinion: ‘Why am I a Baptist? Because ...’

In this denomination, I have the freedom to listen to every voice with the Bible, the Holy Spirit and conscience as my guides.

Quotes in the News

“Dude, you have no Quran.” --Jacob Isom
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