EDITORIAL: Letting go: From idolatry to faith

Letting go is the ability, as well as the willingness, to relinquish control of and obsession about plans and situations and other people, both past and present.

2nd Opinion: Writing toward grace & beauty

The poet apostle John understood the grace and joy, the lyrical power, of language.

IN FOCUS: Plant seeds here, near & far from here

The last pallet of multimedia discs we called the Texas Hope 2010 CDs are headed to Guadalajara to be used as witnessing tools at the Pan American Games this summer.

Texas Baptist Forum

God & natural disasters


Quotes in the News

“The focal point of the day is the dinner table, a foretaste of the heavenly banquet. … The shared evening meal is the time for gathering together, the time when meaning is made clear—the value and validity of our lives. There have been times of trouble when the dinner table has been the only affirmation available.” --Madeleine L’Engle

Right Or Wrong? Church vocations

It has been said that church vocations no longer attract the “best and brightest” young Christians. Do believe that is true? If so, what should we do about it?

DOWN HOME: Dogs, tricks, treats & what’s in heaven

Through the years, I’ve realized Topanga has turned the tables on me. While I thought I was teaching her some tricks, she knew she was training me.

EDITORIAL: Pomp, circumstance & what’s next

In the spirit of commencement speeches left unspoken, please permit a few words to the wise.

Living in a fish bowl

I always think it’s neat when doctors or dentists have fish tanks in their waiting rooms. I never get bored when there is a fish tank, especially if there are tropical fish inside.


“Dad, we learned about Solomon, the wisest person on earth, today in Sunday school. What’s a concubine?”

2nd Opinion: Some folks are ‘done with church’

If you read the statistics or maybe look at the pews in your church on Sundays, you probably know that all across America, people are saying, “I’m done with church.”

IN FOCUS: Gift of hope demands to be shared

Every Sunday, the gospel is preached in 52 languages in Texas Baptist churches. The number of languages in the Houston area and the Dallas area are in the hundreds. The ends of the earth have come to Texas.

Quotes in the News

“ If the church is to be alive today in a world where everything is shifting, it must be open to the breath of God.” --Darryl Aaron

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