UTD: Seeing the Scriptures through fresh eyes

UTD: Reading the Bible through fresh eyes

Student Missions Blog: My friend Shea and I have the blessing of studying the Gospel of John this semester with our international student friend who is not yet a follower of Christ. It’s beautiful to hear our friend read a passage of Scripture in her native language for the first time.

Rice University: Importance of intentionality

Rice University: Importance of intentionality

Student Missions Blog: We sometimes overlook the importance of intentionality. We are sure to turn it on when it’s convenient, and at other inconvenient and uncomfortable moments, we turn it off. 

 Commentary: The sin of certainty

Commentary: The sin of certainty

I tend to steer clear of making statements with certainty, because I know—as a fallible human being—I see “through a glass darkly.” We all should have convictions on which we base our lives, but dogmatism does not honor Christ.

Commentary: Really? One disagreement, and we throw away all that we share?

Commentary: Really? One disagreement, and we throw away all that we share?

There is too much need in the world for us to keep pushing each other out of the circle of shared ministry. (Texas Baptists Committed)


Editorial: Three major blessings in a tough year

Even though 2016 has been quite a challenge across our nation and in our convention, Editor Marv Knox finds comfort and hope in counting his blessings this Thanksgiving.

BGCT logo

Reeves: Introduction, request, challenge

Danny Reeves presents his inaugural column as president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.


Letters: More responses to the BGCT annual meeting

Letters this week continued readers’ reactions to the 2016 Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting in Waco.

ten commandments

Voices: Pondering Ten Commandments for the long haul through life

Veteran pastor Kyle Childress offers 10 commandments for living a faithful Christian life across the span of your life.

unity hands

Voices: Opportunity for unity in God's kingdom

God’s kingdom is now—and will certainly be in its fullness—comprised of a rich diversity of believers and traditions. If our Christian faith fails to embody this, then whose cause are we advancing?


Voices: A hope for overcoming racial and ethnic division

“A Declaration in Support of Multi-Ethnic Churches and Racial Healing” calls upon churches to transcend barriers that so easily divide Christians.

Jeff Gravens

Jeff Gravens: Sharing God’s word and speaking into lives of God's people

This week, our profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Jeff Gravens, pastor of First Baptist Church in Crawford.

Cheryl Kimble

Commentary: ‘I am not allowed to be a Texas Baptist anymore’

"Others are telling me—and others I know and love—that if we are going to be Baptists, we must change our thoughts and beliefs. That is not the Baptist way."

share Jesus

Commentary: BGCT homosexuality decision focused on top-tier issue

“This discussion (about LGBT-affirming congregations) was not a matter of making one particular sin worse than any other sin. The heart of this discussion is about our doctrine of sin. I believe this is a top-tier theological issue.”

storm umbrella

Commentary: For I was a stranger, and you (didn’t) welcome(d) me

Christ does not allow you to pick and choose parts of people to accept. He demands that you look into their eyes and see in them a person created in God’s image, be they lesbian, gay, bisexual, gender fluid, pansexual, transgender or straight.

election communion

Voices: Communion, shared meals bridge post-election chasms

In this fractious time, healing begins at the communion table and in communion around tables in the fellowship hall.

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