Discovery Weekend: Learning to trust and obey

Discovery Weekend: Learning to trust and obey

Last July, I felt the Holy Spirit nudging my heart, as if to say: “You’re going to serve me overseas next summer, daughter.”


Guest editorial: Church leadership lessons from Disney World

To be effective at welcoming guests, congregations need to learn to emphasize interactions rather than transactions.


Plan now to attend the Bivocational/Smaller Church Conference

Register now for the Bivocational/Smaller Church Conference, July 15-16 in Dallas.


BGCT president: Unity in the body of Christ

"My prayer for our convention is that we will be unified in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. May we not let our differences damage or hurt our credibility among unbelievers."


2nd Opinion: Take a deep breath—over and over

Strengthening the connection between our mind and body can be extremely beneficial to our physical health, our stress levels and our connection to our creator.


Gun-free campuses

Let’s publish a list of the campuses that ban guns so the next Virginia Tech mentally deranged mass killer will know where to go.

Has no one noticed that the mentally deranged or Islamic terrorists always pick a gun-free killing zone?

We can now refer to some campuses as institutes of lower learning.

Fred Rosenbaum


princess bride

Editorial: De-tune the religious liberty dog whistle

Baptists and others of goodwill should shout down the dog whistle of “religious liberty” when it agitates people to discriminate against others, to think less of others, to hate or despise others.


BGCT president: “He Leadeth Me”

A leader must follow God's call—and go where God alone leads.


In Touch: Killeen, San Marcos, Baylor, San Juan, golf, representatives

BGCT leader David Hardage has been around the state and beyond lately.


Editorial: Criminal exonerations and ending capital punishment

Every time we execute someone who did not commit the crime, we as a society convict ourselves of the same crime for which we demand others pay the ultimate price.


2nd Opinion: Beatles, brains, beauty of Christ

By creating neurosonic maps in listeners' brains, music wields enormous power.


Guest editorial: Beware sharks in sheep’s clothing

Charitable contributions from operators of car-title and payday lending stores must not detract faith-based organizations from working for justice on behalf of the poor.


Tribute: Buckner Fanning—San Antonio’s pastor, God’s bandleader

Buckner Fanning was at home everywhere he went. In God’s name and with God’s very presence, Buckner made everyone feel at home.

Richard Dawkins

Analysis: Prayer for people who don't want it

We shouldn’t be surprised when offering prayer for an unbeliever creates a controversy. In our contentious world, Christians and non-Christians alike see slights where none are intended and infer insults where none are implied.


Guest editorial: Is Sunday the most segmented day of the week?

For centuries, congregations have segmented according to various factors. Today, socio-economics is a primary cause of congregational segmentation.


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