Guest editorial: Visit with 3rd graders shows Texas Hunger Initiative impact

Christians have a responsibility to their neighbors—neighbors down the street, in a different city or across the country. Character means honoring that responsibility and working hard to solve the big problems—hunger and poverty—society faces.

South Asia: Make me a laborer for the harvest

South Asia: Make me a laborer for the harvest

Student Missions blog: Jesus said to "pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers." The Father really has deepened my understanding of this passage and how I can apply it to my life throughout my time in South Asia.

Germany: Learning what made the Samaritan good

Germany: Learning what made the Samaritan good

Student Missions blog: Like the Good Samaritan in Jesus' parable, one of the churches I work with in Germany saw a problem, came to where the people are and met a need. They saw women in the red-light district, living without knowing the true love of God.

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Editorial: It’s July 4, but winter is coming

Trading religious influence for supposed political power will be like stripping naked just before freezing to death. It’s futile, pointless and humiliating.


Commentary: How some abortion opponents get ‘pro-life’ radically right

Reducing abortion is a goal shared by both sides in the debate between pro-choice and pro-life movements.

Jesus leading

2nd Opinion: Jesus Christ commands, 'Follow me'

Jesus calls us to faith, to wonder and to obedience. Jesus calls us to follow him along the path in search of the kingdom of God. As long as we are with Jesus, we are right where we need to be.

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Reflecting on Hispanic Texas Baptist life

Many Texas Baptists have gained a rich legacy from Convención Bautista Hispana de Texas and Baptist University of the Américas.

Thailand: The hope of Christ

Thailand: The hope of Christ

Student Missions Blog: My team and I sought to share hope with Thai university students early this summer. We used teaching English to build relationships and share the gospel. We had spiritual conversations with about 50 people over just three weeks.

New York: Earning trust in unfamiliar territory

New York: Earning trust in unfamiliar territory

Student Missions Blog: Bushwick is a 2-square-mile-wide neighborhood in Brooklyn that is home to 140,000 people. It is filled with art, culture and a great need for God.


Letters: Confederate flag, Old North/Union Church, awakening

This week's letters focus on the Confederate battle flag, the name of a church and the Southern Baptist Convention's plea for "awakening"

Taiwan: First exposure to the gospel

Taiwan: First exposure to the gospel

Student Missions Blog: When I came to Taiwan, an open country with established ministry operations, I didn't think I would be blessed to be part of the first experience someone has with Christianity. 


Guest editorial: “We’re just not ready yet”

Texas Baptists have made "strong and hopeful strides" regarding women in ministry. But churches can and must do better.


Editorial: CBF leans into founding principle toward confounding decision

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship will use a new deliberative process as it takes on an extremely difficult denominational challenge—deciding where it stands on the LGBTQ issue.


René Maciel: A soldier, teacher, pastor, dad

BGCT President René Maciel celebrates the life of a soldier, teacher, pastor and dad—his father, Eleazar Maciel.

California: Be still and know that God will be exalted

California: Be still and know God will be exalted

Student Missions Blog: I came to California not knowing what to expect but knowing that I need to be obedient to the call of making disciples among all the nations.


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