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Voices: An appeal for honesty in church

Our churches must be places where we can be honest with one another, where we can say we are bruised and our faith is faintly burning. … We all need the healing power of honest community.


Voices: So your life is being sifted—how Christlike

Just as Jesus’ desert temptations shaped his ministry, the shifting and changing and sorting that occurs in our lives provides opportunities for finding what God has prepared for us.


Voices: Why we do boring things

I hope what I learn while serving on a board helps me be a better dad by helping me encourage my children to grow outside of themselves and their immediate surroundings, making good decisions that will affect people far from them in space and time.


In Touch: Prayer, offering, anniversaries, HSU, DBU, conclave, annual meeting

BGCT Executive Director David Hardage reports about goings-on around the state.


Guest editorial: Consciences—distressed and dissenting

Think political dissent has no connection to grace and gospel? Tell that to Fannie Lou Hamer. And your own conscience. (BNG)


George Mason: ‘Docent in the museum of grace’

This week, our profile of Texas Baptist ministers highlights George Mason, pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas.

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BGCT president: Health care in Abilene and Waco

In this week's BGCT presidential column, René Maciel looks at Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene and Baylor Scott & White Medical Center–Hillcrest in Waco.


2nd Opinion: Make Texas children’s health and food security a priority

By not only improving access to good food, but also educating people about healthy habits, Texas’ food banks hope to reverse the trend of childhood health problems.


Editorial: Lessons we can learn from Saint Teresa

Baptists don’t venerate saints, but we can admire Saint Teresa and learn from her faithfulness.


Small churches build up the kindgom of God

Pastors serving on the small-church mission field: You are not alone, and you are not small in the eyes of our Lord. You are doing great things that are making a great impact to the furthering the kingdom of God.


Letter: ‘New’ argument for young-Earth origin theory

The latest letter challenges a recent column that opposed the young-Earth theory of our planet's origins.


Texas Baptist Voices: God remains close to those searching for home

It is in wandering that the people of God became the people of God, and it is all those seeking a new home whom the people of God must reach out to today.


Guest editorial: Reject fear, despair to confront climate crisis with faith

People of faith ought to be the first to confront global warming and to throw themselves into building the kind of climate movement we need—a movement built not on the fear of pain, privation or death, but on a fierce love of life.


Joseph Parker: Leading urban ministry in a complex setting

This week, our profile of Texas Baptist ministers highlights Joseph Parker, pastor of David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Austin.


BGCT president: Revival!

We need to get back to using the term “revival.” We need that new life, that new breath and that new passion that only God can give. God knows we need to be revived.

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