René Maciel: A soldier, teacher, pastor, dad

BGCT President René Maciel celebrates the life of a soldier, teacher, pastor and dad—his father, Eleazar Maciel.

California: Be still and know that God will be exalted

California: Be still and know God will be exalted

Student Missions Blog: I came to California not knowing what to expect but knowing that I need to be obedient to the call of making disciples among all the nations.

Arizona: What Muslim means to me

Arizona: What Muslim means to me

Student Missions Blog: The word “Muslim,” especially in our immediate American context, bears an undeserved load.


Commentary: Can we get a “shut up” from the congregation?

The so-called “Baptist” pastors who spread hate over LGBT issues “have as much business being pastors as I do being a neurosurgeon,” says columnist Jon Mark Beilue. (Amarillo Globe-News)


2nd Opinion: Eight rules for the Age of Trump

Religious Americans—conservatives and liberals alike—need new guidelines for practicing faith in today’s public square. (Huffington Post)

Oregon: Defining ‘work’

Oregon: Defining ‘work’

Student Missions Blog: I am always on the clock with my students. I travel, eat, feel pain and live life with them every day.

Greece: Breaking fast with Muslim refugees

Greece: Breaking fast with Muslim refugees

Student Missions Blog: Even the family members who didn’t practice Ramadan weren’t allowed eat with them, but they invited us—a couple of Christians—to dine. It was such an honor and an experience I never will forget. But at the same time, it broke my heart.


Editorial: Kids count; let’s serve and save them

The 2016 Kids Count Data Book from the Annie E. Casey Foundation documents how desperately Texas children need Baptists' help.


Guest editorial: On race, SBC must move from gestures to action

Without moral clarity and leadership on substantive issues that matter deeply to African-Americans and other minorities, the Southern Baptist Convention’s awakened conscience will start to ring hollow.

East Asia: Waiting to choose to follow Christ

East Asia: Waiting to choose to follow Christ

Student Missions Blog: There is a need to wait and study Jesus Christ when we first come to hear about him. However, we cannot wait forever to make the choice to follow him.


New York: To the ends of the earth

Student Missions Blog: I was afraid to come to New York City. Sometimes, I am still afraid. A night before flying here, I told my family I was really scared. I didn’t see myself in this big city.


Letters: Confederate flag, evolution

Readers oppose the Southern Baptist Convention's resolution against the Confederate battle flag.


René Maciel: Jesus is the answer to Orlando

We can be agents of goodness and kindness; we can love and show mercy; we can care and serve others. We can bring hope and light to this dark world. We have the answer. We have Jesus, and we are called to go into the world and preach the good and hopeful news of Jesus.


2nd Opinion: Going and singing good for youth

Mission choir tours are not vacations. But mission choir tours allow gifted students to sing and to serve and to be focused on others rather than themselves, to see the world with new eyes and to know that God is at work everywhere.


Guest editorial: Nothing is permanent about congregational vision

The failure to reconceptualize vision can lead to a slow death march for congregations.


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