Discipleship, then/now

A Christian disciple is a student, a learner, a follower of Jesus Christ who aligns himself with the Lord. The Christian disciple is someone who is called by Jesus. The disciple is committed to Jesus alone and obeys his teachings.


Church, stand amazed

When God’s people do good, then those good deeds, those good words and those good actions will become excellent and profitable for everyone. Hope is restored and renewed when God’s people devote themselves to doing good.


2nd Opinion: Why white ministers must insist, ‘Black Lives Matter’

We’ve been saying, “White lives matter” ever since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. It’s past time for white Christians to acknowledge the ongoing sin of racism, confess our own biases and seek to create new patterns of thought and behavior. (Faith & Leadership)


Opinion: Overcoming a pastor’s moral failure

Churches can take steps to provide support, ensure accountability and facilitate healing in the wake of a traumatic spiritual event.


Guest editorial: A faith community persecuted in 100 countries

While there certainly are people of minority faiths in Muslim-majority countries who face severe oppression and persecution, it does not negate the fact Muslims remain one of the most persecuted faith communities around the world.


Letters: Hate, police, religious liberty

Letters this week focus on law enforcement, evangelicals’ tendency to whine and church-state separation.

Alaska: Blacking out windows

Alaska: Blacking out windows

Student Missions Blog: I am so glad we have a God who overcomes the darkness and filters through the tiniest of cracks to guide us. 


Letters: National healing; CBF and biblical authority

Letters this week deal with Baptist response to racial discrimination in America and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship's stand on biblical authority.


Editorial: Evangelicals, quit complaining and follow Jesus' lead

U.S. Christians—especially white evangelicals—need to quit wringing their hands about their waning influence and live out Jesus' commandment to serve the people he called "the least."


Commentary: It’s time for churches to step forward and heal national wounds

In the aftermath of the events in Dallas and other tragic events in Louisiana and Minnesota, Jim Denison says, Christians can take steps to help our nation become the “United” States our founders envisioned.

New York: After trust is earned

New York: After trust is earned

Student Missions blog: Working at Swerve Church in Brooklyn has taught me how hard the hustle of church work is. But when you do get to see the fruit, that's when you realize God is so good. When you are out serving the community more than two months, expressions start to change. 


In Touch: Nice tragedy, Mangum, Children’s Missions Day, annual meeting, Lilly grant

BGCT Executive Director David Hardage offers a range of items for consideration this week.


God’s solution to the racial problem—new man

God provides a four-part solution to humanity's problem with racism.


2nd Opinion: America’s problem is not racial tension; it’s racism

To overcome racism and racial tension, Americans cannot simply shout “peace, peace” from the sidelines when there is no peace. They must run into the pain and chaos when others run away.


Guest editorial: The ‘talk’ black parents must have with their kids is unjust and also unfair

The mere fact black parents have to have this "talk" (about policing) means our society accepts that black children don't get to enjoy childhood the way nonblack children do, and it means our society accepts that black children will not be treated fairly. (Houston Chronicle)

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