Asia Bibi

Act TODAY to save a Christian life

Your advocacy is needed today to help save the life of a Christian in Pakistan, Asia Bibi.


Editorial: Your second-most-important lesson

What’s your second-most-important lesson? What have you learned that turned you upside-down? That altered how you see yourself and the world?


Voices: Vote for what is good for our neighbors

When voting, Christians should consider what is good for our neighbors before we consider what is good for ourselves, says Myles Werntz, the T.B. Maston Chair of Christian Ethics at Hardin-Simmons University’s Logsdon Seminary.

Bible glow

Guest editorial: The Christian and God’s truth

All truth is God’s truth, and the “truths” we own personally aren’t always 100 percent right. We’ll all be shown wrong at some level, in this life or the next. Guaranteed.

bgct logo

BGCT president: Following his footsteps

My dad was a gift from God in showing me how to care for his family, how to care for others, and how to serve. But the greatest gift I received from him was learning how to follow. — René Maciel

Food Pantry

Voices: 2nd conversions, joining God, feeding folks

Do you want to feed hungry people? Good. You are seeking God’s kingdom where you are. But what if God already is feeding hungry people somewhere in your neighborhood and the best thing you can do is to join God there?


Voices: The art of the congregational deal

Our best chance of healing the national discourse is first healing our local conversations. By working on how we negotiate our own congregational dialogue, we can begin to shape a new conversation that is more civil than what we see on CNN.


Jorge Zayasbazan: Bringing God’s light into spiritually dark places

Our weekly profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Jorge Zayasbazan, senior pastor of Baptist Temple Church in San Antonio.

diverse hands

Editorial: Inviting diverse and disconnected people to follow Jesus together

Week-in and week-out, Christians must figure out how to help the diverse and disconnected people all around us know without a doubt they are loved by Jesus because they receive that love from us.

Painting of Roger Williams, founder of the first Baptist church in America and a champion of religious liberty.

Voices: Four reasons I became a Baptist

Baptists have much to offer both the church as a whole and the world. If we remember where we came from, we will continue to reach a world in desperate need of what we have to offer.

need church

Voices: You need church

Being a part of a church is not easy, but it is essential. We cannot love Jesus and not love his church.


Voices: Deconstructing our ‘us vs. them’ mindset

The Roman army officer whose servant Jesus healed demonstrates the kind of inclusive humility needed to break down barriers between “us” and “them.”


Letter: ‘Under one God’

This week’s letter responds to the notion of  America being “one nation under one God.”

cellphone fight

Guest editorial: The civility of discourse

We may have the liberty to say whatever we wish, but doing so may destroy/damage something, not only in others, but something deep inside ourselves.

Lillian Hinds

Lillian Hinds: ‘I love to tell the story’

Our weekly profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Lillian Hinds, pastor of Meadow Oaks Baptist Church in Temple.

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