will campbell

Editorial: Fragmented America needs an infusion of young Will Campbells

In these fractious times, America needs leaders like the late Will Campbell, who fought for civil rights—and ministered to Klan members.


Trump and foreign aid; Trump and the NRA

Letters this week focus on a recent editorial about President Trump’s plans for foreign aid, as well as his speech to the National Rifle Association

SW rapper profs

Guest editorial: Why a racially insensitive photo by Southwestern Seminary profs matters

Preaching professors at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary created controversy—and launched a discussion about racism—when they dressed up as rappers, took a photo and posted it on Twitter. (Washington Post)

hands rice hunger

Editorial: Christian responsibility and the president's budget

Christians must lend their voices to protect foreign aid—particularly grants that provide food, medicine and education to the world’s poorest, weakest people.

vote here

Voices: Living faithfully in the public square today

As Christians, our commission is to be witnesses for the good of the place we live and the glory of God. Because we love God, we seek love, justice, grace and righteousness.

multcultural group

Voices: Pursuit of the multi-ethnic church

What are simple steps your church can take to become multi-ethnic? Steve Bezner, senior pastor of Houston Northwest Church, offers four.

Dana Moore

Dana Moore: ‘The absolute joy of being used by God to bless others’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Dana Moore, pastor of Second Baptist Church in Corpus Christi.

bivo-small church

Youth ministry, Living Water, reaching students

A youth minister’s calling is to introduce students to the Living Water of Jesus Christ—even when they don’t want to drink.

FBC Decatur

2nd Opinion: The church’s surprising public contribution

Can you name the “public contributions” made by churches? Ethicist/professor/pastor David Gushee suggests three answers. (RNS)

SCOTUS playground

Guest editorial: To avoid meddling, government should not fund churches

A Supreme Court case involving state aid for a church playground could alter the landscape of church-state relations.

church puzzle

Editorial: Ask yourself, 'How thick is my church?'

Is your church thick or thin? The answer says much about how effectively it embodies the gospel.

cross sunbeams

Guest editorial: Are you living on the right side of Easter?

Do you and your church live in the shadows of pre-Easter fear or the light of post-Easter hope and confidence?


Voices: What I learned during Lent this year

No area of our lives should be exempt from Christ’s lordship. Even the things we really, really like.

Keys Bible

Voices: Unlock the doors

After Easter, Jesus finds us where we are hiding, calms our fears and exhorts us to step into the wide, waiting world that needs to receive his hope.

Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson: ‘Blessed to the point of bursting’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Greg Robinson, pastor of Bono Baptist Church in Godley.

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