Rio Grande Valley

Rio Grande Valley: Welcome to campus

Student Missions Blog: The school year finally has begun at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The staff from the Baptist Student Ministry had been preparing since the first week of August, and we finally opened the doors of our building to welcome students.

Texas Baptist Voices

Kathy Hillman: Mary, Lottie, Annie, BGCT and Baptist-ese

Do you speak Baptist-ese? More specifically, do you understand Texas Baptist-ese? My family has spoken it for generations, so I learned the language along with English.

2nd Opinion: The Bible ties freedom to debt relief; Americans should too

2nd Opinion: The Bible ties freedom to debt relief; we should too

Few visitors to Philadelphia’s famous Liberty Bell know the inscription “Proclaim liberty throughout the land and unto all the inhabitants thereof” is a reference to God’s instructions for a “jubilee,” in which he commanded the Israelites to free their slaves and return property to its original owner every 50 years.

Editorial: Survey documents pastors’ tough job; take care of them

Editorial: Survey documents pastors’ tough job; take care of them

Although pastors have a tough job, they’re resilient and almost universally shake off pressure so they can continue serving their congregations.

Student Missions Blog

Vancouver: It’s not all about me

Student Missions Blog: In the months leading up to my departure for missions service in Vancouver, Canada, I was reminded constantly of the “great sacrifice” I am making. But I’m not the only person making sacrifices.

Student Missions Blog

Reflecting on lessons learned in Portland

Student Missions Blog: This past summer in Portland was long, and it was hard, but it was so good.

Letters: ID laws target voter suppression

Letters: ID laws target voter suppression

The new ID laws never were about fraud and all about keeping certain citizens from voting, as the Supreme Court has now ruled.

Right or Wrong? Hostile communication

Right or Wrong? Hostile communications

No matter the topic, only the shrillest, most extreme voices seem to be heard. How can we find common ground for reasonable, reconciling conversations, especially in our congregations?

Down Home: Gratitude, respect—and prayer—for Jimmy Carter

Down Home: Gratitude, respect—and prayer—for Jimmy Carter

If Americans chiseled a Mount Rushmore to honor their greatest ex-presidents, surely Jimmy Carter’s face would dominate the panorama.

Texas Baptist Voices

Richard Ray: Remain faithful to calling, wherever God calls

I recently had the honor of assisting Fairy Baptist Church in celebrating its 50th anniversary of service by Pastor Bob Ray and his wife, Rosalind. As you may have guessed, Bob and Rosalind are also my parents.

Texas Baptist Voices

Kathy Hillman: Texas Baptists: Move out, move on, move up, move forward

Texas Baptist university campuses swarm with students moving in for a new semester. Meanwhile, Texas Baptist employees moved out of the Baptist Building in Dallas and into new facilities at Rambler Park in Dallas.

Student Missions Blog

South Asia: Hurting and hopeless women

Student Missions Blog: Recently, I went to the red light district of the area where I am living. We worked with the children of the prostitutes there and helped them with school work. The problem is so much bigger than I am. But I had to remember it is not bigger than my Father.

Mark Wingfield

2nd Opinion: Cheer for moral leadership, not merely football success

All of Texas seems to be aflutter about the Baylor University football player convicted of raping a female student in Waco. Which means this ought to be a really good time for Christians of goodwill to engage in a thoughtful conversation about what really matters at a faith-based university.

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