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BGCT president: Thanksgiving—the fragrance of the knowledge of God

Now is the season to give thanks—in all things, René Maciel, Texas Baptists’ immediate past president, urges.


Voices: If you speak of sexual sin, speak of rape

I am here to proclaim without doubt the primary sexual sin of our time is assault. Assault is absolutely contrary to all our Christian values.


2nd Opinion: BGCT expressed ‘courage to do the right thing’

Amarillo Pastor Howie Batson counters Editor Marv Knox’s suggestion the BGCT practice a welcoming-if-not-affirming relationship to welcoming-and-affirming congregations.


Voices: My view of the mics—gender and generational divides

The Baptist General Convention of Texas’ debate over convention membership based upon churches’ response to LGBT relationships revealed generational and gender divides that may spell the end of the state convention.


Jason Burden: Serve a great God; see lives changed

This week, our profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Jason Burden, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Nederland.


Commentary: Let's be Baptists—together

Let's be a convention of Baptists who live up to the best of our Baptist heritage as a people who value freedom of conscience and freedom to cooperate. Let's be a BGCT that lives up to Jesus’ high priestly prayer for us—that we be one.


Editorial: A welcoming way ahead for the BGCT

Why can’t the Baptist General Convention of Texas welcome all churches that wish to affiliate with and support the work of the convention, even if the convention at-large does not agree with all of those churches’ beliefs or practices?


Voices: Confession vs. creed

If Texas Baptists continue to be a confessional people, we must consider the ramifications of the lines we draw for partnership, affiliation and fellowship. Now is an important time to consider what it means to be a Baptist.

fish conform

Voices: Confusing conformity with cooperation

When creedalism demands conformity, who says where the lines are drawn? Will conventions define faith for local churches? Or will congregations of faithful Christians cooperate together, trusting that Christ is the Lord of life and death?


Letters: The BGCT’s annual meeting

Recent letters focus on issues raised prior to and during the 2016 BGCT annual meeting. Updated Nov. 18


Letters: Politics, Baylor

This week’s letters focus on the aftermath of the U.S. presidential election and Baylor University’s investigation into its sexual abuse scandal.


BGCT president: Texas Baptists exist for the church

The denominational work in Texas may not be perfect, but God is using this denominational work to bring others into the saving knowledge of Christ. The convention exists for the church, and the church needs your help to once again be a factor in our communities.

Les Hollon

Leslie Hollon: A heart, head and hand ministry

This week, our profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Leslie Hollon, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in San Antonio.


Voices: Government, God and radical hospitality

Whether we believe government is evil, neutral or a force for good, maybe being “wise as serpents” means using it to empty ourselves of our savior complex, so that we can practice the radical hospitality Jesus calls us to.

cellphone fight

Voices: Harsh words and the state of our hearts

What we say and how we say it matters. Jesus tells us, “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” What do your words and the way in which you say those words say about the state of your heart?


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