Zambia: God uses willing servants in spite of weakness

Zambia: God uses willing servants in spite of weakness

Student Missions blog: God truly is strong when we are weak. ...  I felt discouraged. But God’s word says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 


President Trump, powerful words, needed discipleship

This week’s letters focused on President Donald Trump and on articles by columnists Jake Raabe and Garrett Vickrey

Texas House

Editorial: Resist Abbott/ Patrick reverse-Robin Hood approach to education

Texas Baptists and other people of faith must remain vigilant to combat a proposal to create a state education voucher system during the special session of the Legislature.

mind machine

Voices: Will we become cyborg Christians?

Are we really moving toward a time when the future of business and daily life consists of the fusion between people and machines?


Voices: Keys to church revitalization, Part III

For most of the seven revitalized churches that were studied, the shift from focusing on a traditional worship style to a contemporary worship style was an important part of their revitalization.

Bryant Lee

Bryant Lee: A heart to plant dozens of neighborhood churches

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Bryant Lee, lead pastor of Higher Expectations Church in Humble, which he planted and where he has served 10 years.

Eva Henley

Commentary: Mother—a deacon in heaven

How long, how long will churches contribute to discrimination and violence against women by denying them freedom to fulfill their calling to be deacons, pastors or priests?

Pennsylvania: Bad attitude at a block party

Pennsylvania: God at work, even when we don't see it

Student missions blog: As I looked down at my paint-covered hands, I felt defeated. ... In that moment, I was ready to walk away.

praying, flag

Guest editorial: Remain true to Christ, not America's god

If we are willing to sacrifice fellowship over our understanding of sexuality but not over the name and nature of Christ, then what is it that guides our path?

Pennsylvania: Heartbreaking and heartwarming events

Pennsylvania: Heartbreaking and heartwarming events

Student Missions blog: I’ve never felt so drained. I’ve never felt so exhausted. Yet I’m content. I feel at peace with the fact it is an honor to serve here and to build relationships. ... It is an honor to feel like I am about to collapse but still feel the Holy Spirit working in me, pushing me through it.

Trump at rally

Editorial: Instead of ‘Merry Christmas’ in July, how about celebrating Jesus’ birthday his way?

President Trump promised America is “going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again." So, how do you think Jesus would like for us to celebrate his birthday?


Voices: Be careful, little fingers, what you type

The real spiritual danger of the Internet age is that it can encourage that oldest and greatest of sins—pride.


Voices: ‘Be in subjection’ and ‘Go tell that fox’—biblical attitudes to rulers

How should Christians respond to their rulers? The Bible speaks, but the answer is more complex than some Christians claim.


2nd Opinion: A word to declining congregations—it’s not your fault

Many congregations across America are struggling with decline. They struggle in silence, because they are afraid it is their fault. It’s not.

Supreme Court

Guest editorial: Six issues to watch in the court’s Trinity Lutheran case

It may take years to fully grasp the import of the Supreme Court’s decision in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, where the court ruled 7-2 the state of Missouri had expressly and unjustifiably discriminated against a church by disqualifying it from receiving a public benefit solely because of the church’s religious character.

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