Does the church need the Johnson Amendment?

A Texas Baptist pastor asks whether the church really needs the government to protect it from politics.

man thinking

Editorial: The tragedy of losing faith late in life

Why do some mature adults walk away from church and, worse, away from faith? And what can be done about it?


Guest editorial: It’s a God thing

What, exactly, comprises a “God thing”?


Guest editorial: Watching the future emerge together

One of the most important things we can do is get with people who look expectantly for God’s future and talk about what we’re seeing.


Voices: The art of amicable disagreements

Let us therefore further our witness in these times of unamicable disagreements among us. Our churches will grow when the world sees maturing Christians disagreeing but remaining fast and loving friends.


Commentary: How Texas churches can help prevent teen suicide

Churches can bless and protect at-risk children and teens by knowing the warning signs of suicide and acting swiftly and compassionately to help them.

Texas Capitol

Editorial: It's official. Texas rejects Jesus' Golden Rule

When it comes to relating to undocumented residents, if Texans refuse to follow the Golden Rule, maybe the courts at least will force us to follow the U.S. Constitution.

Bill Skaar

Bill Skaar: ‘Sharing life with God's people’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Bill Skaar, pastor of First Baptist Church in Grand Prairie almost 18 years.


Voices: Keys to church revitalization, Part II

A church’s location and its facilities play key roles in its ability to be revitalized.

heart hands

Voices: Other qualities of pure, undefiled religion

True holiness is marked by humility with our words, care for the widow and orphan, and purity in seeking the glory of God and not the glory of the world.

sick child

Voices: Let us be impractically compassionate

What are we to make of those who claim (to follow) Jesus but whose deeds leave the blind, the lame, the sick, the deaf and the poor all worse off than they were before?


2nd Opinion: Lessons from ‘the underside’

Experiences from around the world and across the decades provide lessons learned from the powerless-yet-hopeful, missions professor Rob Sellers asserts.


Editorial: Trump’s executive order upends ‘religious liberty’

President Trump’s “religious liberty” executive order is horrible for America, for churches and for the gospel.

Mark Newton

Mark Newton: What a privilege to serve a church and community as pastor

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Mark Newton, pastor of First Baptist Church in Lufkin since January 2016.

Lorenzo Ortiz

Voices: Trust, hope and lies in the New Laredo

A visit with Cuban immigrants on the Texas-New Mexico border reveals the importance of trust in human relationships.

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