New York: After trust is earned

New York: After trust is earned

Student Missions blog: Working at Swerve Church in Brooklyn has taught me how hard the hustle of church work is. But when you do get to see the fruit, that's when you realize God is so good. When you are out serving the community more than two months, expressions start to change. 


In Touch: Nice tragedy, Mangum, Children’s Missions Day, annual meeting, Lilly grant

BGCT Executive Director David Hardage offers a range of items for consideration this week.


God’s solution to the racial problem—new man

God provides a four-part solution to humanity's problem with racism.


2nd Opinion: America’s problem is not racial tension; it’s racism

To overcome racism and racial tension, Americans cannot simply shout “peace, peace” from the sidelines when there is no peace. They must run into the pain and chaos when others run away.


Guest editorial: The ‘talk’ black parents must have with their kids is unjust and also unfair

The mere fact black parents have to have this "talk" (about policing) means our society accepts that black children don't get to enjoy childhood the way nonblack children do, and it means our society accepts that black children will not be treated fairly. (Houston Chronicle)

Seattle: Conversation in the Giving Room

Seattle: Conversation in the Giving Room

Student Missions Blog: This is Mike. I met him through the food bank at Epic Life Church in Seattle, where I am serving.

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Step right up! Read all about it!

News, when it comes to preaching, is not telling stories and entertaining people. It’s not walking through  of our Bible stories. News is “sharing a word that makes a life-changing difference”!


2nd Opinion: Eclipse of white Christian America

A once-powerful demographic group is losing ground in American politics. (The Atlantic)


Letter: Little hope for SBC awakening

A letter writer questions how the Southern Baptist Convention can achieve "awakening" without self-examination.


Guest editorial: The myth of partial discipleship

When did we give up on the idea that we are salt and light, at all times and in all places? How do we appreciate that being salt and light is not reserved for only the ordained or the hyper-spiritual. How do we make being salt and light our calling and our destiny?

Florida: The gospel behind bars

Florida: The gospel at work behind bars

As a chaplain's summer intern at a correctional facility, I get to make disciples among an otherwise unreached people group. And I get to see the gospel at work in exactly the kind of place it belongs—the darkness of a prison.

New York: God brings people together

New York: God brings people together

Student Missions blog: Iglesia Bautista Canaan is a church with a lot of hunger for sharing the love of Jesus. This church participates a lot in the life of its community. It offers services such as helping people secure immigration documents, education and health care.

Oregon: Discover identity

Oregon: Discover identity

Student Missions blog: Joseph was his father’s favorite son. To prove it, his father gave him a beautiful coat, which represented his affection for Joseph and established his place above all of his brothers. But his identity in his family didn’t last.


Editorial: In racially divided America, it’s soul-checking time

In a culture of racial strife, America needs courageous people of goodwill to engage in hard, painful, honest conversations about race and about what our social institutions can do. We need people who learn from those conversations—and act upon them.

Orlando: Seizing opportunities to tell others about Jesus

Orlando: Seizing opportunities to tell others about Jesus

Student Missions Blog: After performing a set of songs and puppetry at McDonald’s, I felt convicted to speak to an 8-year-old girl named Veronica who was sitting alone in the audience.


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