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Position Available: Editor of Baptist Standard Publishing

To make a nomination or recommendation, submit a résumé by September 1, 2017
Include a cover letter, a résumé with personal information, education attainments, career accomplishments, and employment history, along with references to editorsearch@baptiststandard.com

The Mission Statement of Baptist Standard Publishing:
Baptist Standard Publishing is an independent, nonprofit media organization that provides content and resources focused on Baptists and global Christians, as well as the cultural contexts in which they live out their faith. Find more at https://www.baptiststandard.com/about.

General Responsibilities of the Editor of Baptist Standard Publishing:
The editor/publisher functions as the CEO of a nonprofit organization. Therefore, the editor is ultimately responsible for everything that happens at the organization and all it does. The broad range of responsibilities associated with this task include, but are not limited to:

  • Vision casting and strategic planning that ensures the organization functions with excellence in order to fulfill its mission
  • Collaborating with the board of directors to develop the strategies and tactics necessary to fulfill its mission
  • Overseeing the daily and weekly operation of the organization, including writing and editing articles, editorials, and other items
  • Maintaining strong staff cohesion, commitment, and morale
  • Monitoring program areas — journalism, finances, marketing, and development
  • Interpreting the organization’s mission within its context—the Baptist denomination and, more specifically, the Baptist General Convention of Texas

To summarize, in the words of J.B. Gambrell (Baptist Standard Editor 1908-1914), “…there is no one thing in denominational life that calls for a wider application of common sense than the management of a denominational paper.” (Prophets with Pens, by Presnall Wood, page 81.)

Education and Experience Requirements:
The journalistic, demographic, and constituency requirements of this leadership position require a high level of education (Bachelor’s and Master’s level degrees). Studies that focused in areas of journalism, theology, and education are ideal. We desire candidates with experience in Baptist life. This includes, but is not limited to giving pastoral leadership to congregations, and directing non-profits or other organizations instrumental to the mission of Baptists. Candidates should possess an appreciative understanding of the historical assets and embody a vision of the future opportunities of the Baptist Standard in communicating timely, relevant, helpful, and clear information that help “Baptists and global Christians…live out their faith.”

Inquiries and submissions should be addressed to the Editor Search Committee at editorsearch@baptiststandard.com.

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