Baptistway Bible Study for Texas for Dec. 21: The birth narrative_112403

Posted: 12/01/03

For use on Dec. 21

Luke 2:8-20

The birth narrative

By Gary Long


Texas Baptist Forum_112403

Posted: 11/24/03

Doctrine & missions

Keith Eitel's letter, supported by Paige Patterson and sent to trustees of the International Mission Board, states that doctrinal issues, especially those involving women in places of authority over men, form the foundation for jettisoning all involvement with heretical missionary groups (Nov. 3).

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Women are denigrated, as usual, and missionary groups who fail to follow the leader should be dropped.

Eitel, described as "one of the cutting-edge missiologists of our day," can be seen, perhaps, as the user-friendly spokesman for fundamentalists. The "cutting" has already been accomplished in seminaries and workplaces across the convention. Those who were uprooted and cast out with neither grace nor concern are still feeling the rough "edge" to these actions.


GIVE A GOAT: Alternative Christmas gifts_112403

Posted: 11/24/03

Alternative Christmas gifts

By Mark Wingfield

Managing Editor

A number of Christian ministries have borrowed a page out of the Neiman-Marcus Christmas Catalog.


Cybercolumn: Preparing for Christmas by Brett Younger_112403

Posted 11/25/03

Preparing for Christmas

By Brett Younger

Those of us who don’t count shopping days until Christmas are counting the days until we have to start counting shopping days until Christmas. We need to stop and ask, “What do we really want for Christmas?”

Brett Younger

In addition to a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, Cotton Bowl tickets and an IOU for a copy of “Who Moved My Pulpit: A Brief Amusing Guide to Almost Everything Ministerial” by Brett Younger (available in March, Smyth & Helwys Publishing) we are all waiting for a moment when we feel the Spirit of Christmas. Some of the busyness of the holidays comes from our attempts to create a lump in the throat.



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