Some churches say they'll sing no carol before its time

Posted: 12/16/05

Some churches say they'll
sing no carol before its time

By Ken Camp

Managing Editor

The starting date and finish line for singing carols in church depend on whether a congregation follows the Christian calendar or the Hallmark calendar--and how constrained worship leaders feel by their choice.


Unlikely allies defend 'Merry Christmas' greeting

Posted: 12/16/05

Unlikely allies defend 'Merry Christmas' greeting

By Andrea Useem

Religion News Service

WASHINGTON (RNS)--The movement defending Christmas as a Christian holiday has attracted some unlikely allies--religiously observant Jews and Muslims.


Second Opinion: The cheering of Christmas

Posted: 12/16/05

The cheering of Christmas

By BO Baker

We all need the cheering of Christmas. It seems the whole world recently has experienced the heaviness of hurt, stain marks unabated, and questions that have struck in powerful forms of aftershock. Name a nation--any one will do--that has been exempt from the clash of swords, the heavy thunder of drums announcing new vistas of crime.

Yes, without question, we need the cheering of Christmas.


DOWN HOME A long walk into the future

Posted: 12/16/05

A long walk into the future

The Big Day is nigh upon us.

By the time you read this, Aaron Britt Kahler, otherwise known as "The Most Fortunate Young Man in the Universe," will have married our oldest daughter, Lindsay Michelle Knox.

Due to the persistent demands of publishing schedules, I'm writing this a few days before the big wedding. Still, I'm looking ahead, anticipating that day.


EDITORIAL Have a Merry Christmas this year

Posted: 12/16/05

Have a Merry Christmas this year

This season may be remembered as the time when Christians went ballistic over Christmas.

In the good old days, a sign proclaiming "Merry Xmas" would send many folks huffing. The abbreviation, infamously substituting "X" for "Christ," prompted pointed-yet-benign counter-slogans, such as "Let's Keep Christ in Christmas" and "Jesus is the Reason for the Season."

Back then, "X" marked the spot for "Christ," retaining the word, if not spelling it correctly. Now, many folks would gladly accept the occasional "Xmas" sign or advertisement. At least when people say the word, they pronounce it right: "Christmas."

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