CYBER COLUMN by John Duncan: Wishing for Christmas

Posted: 12/08/06

Wishing for Christmas

By John Duncan

I’m sitting here under the old oak tree, wishing for Christmas. Here in our town, it feels like Christmas. Ice, sleet and snow fell from the sky. Winter’s chill thrills the air. Giving swells in my heart. And Christmas soon comes!

The old preacher Philips Brooks in the 1800s said, “The earth has grown old with its burden of care, but at Christmas it is always young.” How true. When it snowed here recently, I wished for inches, white covering the earth like a cotton blanket. I longed for the snow to pile up so I could grab the neighborhood kids and slide on boxes, throw snowballs and fix hot chocolate. I also wanted to run down to Blockbuster and rent three movies, Elf and The Chronicles of Narnia and It’s a Wonderful Life, just hear those infamous movie lines: “I know him! I know him!” and “It’s always winter but never Christmas” and “See (George) Bailey, you’ve had a wonderful life!” Ah, Christmas soon comes!

John Duncan

Commentary by Jinny Henson: Black Friday

Posted: 12/08/06

Black Friday

By Jinny Henson

It was Black Friday, the fabled day after Thanksgiving and I had absolutely no desire to shop. The consumerism, the materialism…I was taking the moral high ground and refusing to shop. My mother and I discussed how crazy people were to get up at dawn’s crack and fight fellow citizens for the last low-priced cart wheeling tiger or karaoke machine.

But then I realized we needed orange juice and milk. Hmmm…you know, Target had such great prices on those things….a full .17 cents cheaper on the O.J. and a whopping .23 on the milk. It was the only fiscally responsible move one could make.

Jinny Henson


Can a university be distinctively Baptis and academically excellent? Or_seay_92203

Posted: 9/19/03

Can a university be distinctively
Baptist and academically excellent?
—Or ...

By Chris Seay

As I travel the country speaking to pastors, I get a lot of questions about my commitment to our denomination. I believe denominations are quickly becoming dinosaurs. So, many wonder why I invest my time and resources as a Texas Baptist. I tell them straight up that the Baptist General Convention of Texas is more like a family than a denomination. While segments of the Baptist faith have been fighting with moderates, Jews, Catholics and Mickey Mouse, my friends in Texas have been focusing on being the presence of Christ, starting churches, feeding the hungry, caring for orphans, opposing the death penalty and avoiding the wrong kind of controversy.

Maybe I spoke too soon. While the BGCT has remained above the fray, Baptists on the Brazos have locked themselves in a no-holds-barred cage match and thrust the worst stereotypes of people of faith onto the international stage. I, for one, have had enough. If being in the Baptist or Baylor family means taking sides and arms against one another, then I am opting out.

Baylor's quest:
Joel Gregory
Ella Wall Prichard
Chris Seay

Around the State

Posted: 12/01/06

Around the State

• The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor art department will sponsor the 10th Christmas Workshop Dec. 9 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. This year, the workshop will include a musical component, and a fee of $15 will be charged instead a gift collection as in years past. Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult for the entire time. Children will make a variety of Christmas decorations and then will be entertained by Toucan Jam, a duo that plays musical instruments from around the world. Children who wish to attend only the musical portion of the event will be charged $8. Space is limited, and prior registration is recommended. For more information or to register, call (254) 295-4676.

East Texas Baptist University mascot “Toby the Tiger” and last year’s homecoming queen, Lizzie Wunsch, crowned Kerry Bryan of Joaquin and Corrin Conway of Glendale, Ariz., as the 2006 homecoming king and queen.

• Phil Rhodes has been named director of institutional research and assessment at Houston Baptist University, effective Dec. 11. He most recently was senior research analyst at Baylor University, serving in that position since 1998.

• Audrey Chumchal was crowned 2007 Miss Mary Hardin-Baylor at the university’s annual pageant. Chumchal, who represented the freshman class, is a biblical studies major. Others honored included Lindsey Harkrider, first runner-up; Katrina Esco, second runner-up; Leslie Anne Estes; and Martha Sicking, fourth runner-up.

• Richard Blackaby, a well-known Canadian Baptist leader, was awarded an honorary doctor of divinity degree by Dallas Baptist University during its fall convocation. He is president of Blackaby Ministries International, founded by his parents. For 13 years, he was president of Canadian Baptist Seminary in Cochrane, Alberta. He also is the author of several books. His father, Henry Blackaby, is author of the best-selling Experencing God.


Texas Baptist Forum

Posted: 12/01/06

Texas Baptist Forum

BGCT follow-up

If our Baptist General Convention of Texas leadership is the best we have, God help us.

How can intelligent people interpret Robert’s Rules of Order by saying the Executive Board is above the convention itself, especially when the body is in session? Where is the Christian example from our leadership when they shut down a messenger who was given his rightful time to speak to his own motion, only to embarrass and denigrate him in front of the audience—especially when everything looked orchestrated? 

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“I feel like an older groom who has been married before. I know what I’m in for, but I’m so excited about the honeymoon, I can’t think straight.”
Robert Sloan
At his installation as president of Houston Baptist University, reflecting on his 10-year presidency of Baylor University

“If there are some who are concerned about the viability of the (National Association of Evangelicals), it’s based on their ignorance, not reality. ... This is like a plane crash. When a plane crashes, you’re sad and it’s big news, but you don’t abandon the airline industry. You recognize that’s the safest way to travel.”
Leith Anderson
Interim president of the National Association of Evangelicals, responding to criticisms the resignation of former President Ted Haggard due to sexual immorality has exposed weaknesses in the organization (Christianity Today/RNS)

“The problem is not the Quran or the Torah or the Bible. Indeed, I have often said that the problem is never the faith; it is the faithful and how they behave toward each other.”
Kofi Annan
United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan (The New York Times/RNS)

We lost monies in having parliamentarians who ruled with an iron hand and allowed no freedom of expression at all.

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