Texas Tidbits

Posted: 11/30/07

Texas Tidbits

Couple gives $5 million to Baylor. Baylor University received a $5 million gift from Clifton and Betsy Robinson of Waco. The gift will establish the C. Clifton Robinson and Betsy Sharp Robinson Endowed Scholarship Fund in the Honors College at Baylor. The scholarships will provide need-based financial assistance for academically gifted incoming freshmen, as well as some current Baylor students, who will be known as Clifton and Betsy Robinson Scholars. Scholarship recipients will study in any of the four Honors College programs—Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, the Honors Program, University Scholars and the Great Texts Program —established when the Honors College was created in 2002.

Music scholarship established at HSU. Francis McBeth recently established an endowed scholarship at Hardin-Simmons University to benefit sophomore, junior or senior theory composition majors in the School of Music. McBeth, a former Cowboy Band member and 1954 Hardin-Simmons graduate, served 40 years on the faculty at Ouachita Baptist University, and he was the conductor of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra in Little Rock from 1968 to 1972. He received the John Philip Sousa Foundation’s Sudler Medal of Honor in 1999, and he was appointed the Composer Laureate of the State of Arkansas.


TOGETHER: Gratitude to God prompts giving

Posted: 11/30/07

Gratitude to God prompts giving

In this wonderful time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our hearts are filled with gratitude for our families and friends, for our churches and the gospel, for our work and time to rest, for our country and our world.

Counting your blessings always is a good thing to do.

Executive Director
BGCT Executive Board

In my life, this has been the time that I have thought more carefully about giving than at any other time of the year. Perhaps you are the same way. I have no doubt that much of that has to do with Christmas and the giving of gifts to family and friends. But it also has to do with giving mission offerings so that the “best gift I give is to Jesus.” After all, it is his birthday that I celebrate. So making sure the most expensive gift I give is to advance his name and the good news of the Redeemer’s kingdom always has seemed to me to be the right thing to do.

The best motivation for giving always is gratitude. We give because God first gave to us. He gave us life and bountiful provisions in creation. He has given us new life and a sense of significance in salvation. We celebrate creation and redemption, earth and heaven, new life now and eternally. We marvel at the fullness and richness of God’s bountiful love. We find courage to press on in life’s most difficult trials. And we have learned in years of giving that we never have out-given God.


Critics: Doctrinal standard leaves evangelical society ‘exposed’

Posted: 11/30/07

Critics: Doctrinal standard
leaves evangelical society ‘exposed’

By Hannah Elliott

Associated Baptist Press

SAN DIEGO (ABP) – To its critics, the current doctrinal standard of the Evangelical Theological Society leaves the group indecently “exposed.”

And two of the society’s members have submitted a proposal to tighten the document into a more specifically evangelical declaration of theology—something a Catholic couldn’t sign in good conscience. But other society members worry it may signal the beginning of an inquisition at an already-turbulent period in the society’s life.


State resolutions focus on alcohol, gambling, homosexuality, abuse

Posted: 11/30/07

State resolutions focus on alcohol,
gambling, homosexuality, abuse

By Robert Marus

Associated Baptist Press

WASHINTON (ABP)— Sins of the flesh—specifically concerning liquor, gambling and sex—were among the most popular subjects of resolutions passed by Baptist state conventions this fall.

Although many state conventions avoided resolutions on controversial issues of any kind during their annual meetings, a handful addressed issues such as hate-crimes legislation involving protections for sexual orientation, the sexual abuse of minors, and the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages.


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