Religion shaped 2008 in big, dramatic ways

The unprecedented and extraordinary prominence of religion in the 2008 election was easily the year’s top religion story.

Studies show rise in greenhouse gases in 2007

smokestacksGreenhouse-gas emissions continued to rise in 2007, according to two new studies. But Southern Baptists are still divided over what, if anything, to do about it.


Atheists sue Kentucky for requiring crediting homeland security to God

An atheist-rights group and 10 Kentucky citizens are suing the commonwealth to remove a requirement that the state's Homeland Security office credit God for keeping residents safe from terrorism.

Leading the black church: Can it be a woman’s place?

Black women activists say change is long overdue in their struggle for equal opportunities in their church. But like many evangelical churches, many individual black congregations still ban female clergy. And even among churches that accept women ministers, it is rare for a woman to be a senior pastor.

Man carries gospel coast to coast in covered wagon

Randy Boehmer has been on the road for eight months going cross-country in a mule-drawn covered wagon emblazoned with signs that read “Jesus saves. Ask him.”
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