Charismatic Southern Baptist churches see themselves as open to spiritual gifts

Ron Phillips, pastor of a charismatic Baptist church in Chattanooga, Tenn., thinks many SBC churches are more interested in appearing mainstream and acceptable to the intelligentsia than in being true to Baptists’ free-church tradition.

Baptist hymnody largely settles for two out of three in Trinity

Hymns sung in most Baptist churches historically have been “More About Jesus” than about either God the Father or the Holy Spirit, several church music experts agree.

Father, Son & Who?

Baptists profess to believe in the Trinity. But through history, some Baptist branches have leaned toward a form of Unitarianism, sometimes centered on the Creator and often focused on Jesus.

Analysis: ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness’ –unless it’s in a campaign ad

Distortions, stretches, half-truths and omissions are familiar features of political campaigns. But independent fact-checkers and analysts say outright falsehoods in candidates’ ads may be reaching a level not seen since TV commercials entered presidential politics more than a half-century ago.

‘Values’ distinguish both candidates and voters

“Values voters”—a term popularized by conservative evangelicals after the 2004 elections—may bring a wide array of values to the polls. Here’s a rundown of the two presidential candidates’ views.
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