Report calls U.S. church giving ‘lukewarm’

The total portion of per capita income given to churches in 2006 was lower than in the worst year of the Great Depression, according to a survey by empty tomb inc.

Hot-button culture war issues not so hot for young evangelicals, study shows

A large study of religious Americans suggests white evangelicals’ views on gay rights may be shifting to the left.

Religious ‘test’ for public office? Yes and no

American Christians may pledge loyalty to the U.S. Constitution. But behind the closed curtain of the polling booth, many violate the spirit of the constitutional prohibition on any religious test for public office. And several church-state experts insist that’s not altogether bad—up to a point.


Francis Shaeffer’s son says his father wouldn’t recognize the movement he birthed

Francis Schaeffer’s Christian moral philosophy has been perverted into a purely political movement that is “essentially the heart and soul of the Republican party,” says his son, Frank Schaeffer.

Constitution aside, why should churches avoid partisanship?

Is church endorsement of political candidates a good idea from either a civic or theological perspective?
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