Discipleship, then/now

A Christian disciple is a student, a learner, a follower of Jesus Christ who aligns himself with the Lord. The Christian disciple is someone who is called by Jesus. The disciple is committed to Jesus alone and obeys his teachings.


Church, stand amazed

When God’s people do good, then those good deeds, those good words and those good actions will become excellent and profitable for everyone. Hope is restored and renewed when God’s people devote themselves to doing good.


In Touch: Nice tragedy, Mangum, Children’s Missions Day, annual meeting, Lilly grant

BGCT Executive Director David Hardage offers a range of items for consideration this week.


God’s solution to the racial problem—new man

God provides a four-part solution to humanity's problem with racism.

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Step right up! Read all about it!

News, when it comes to preaching, is not telling stories and entertaining people. It’s not walking through  of our Bible stories. News is “sharing a word that makes a life-changing difference”!


BGCT annual meeting: It’s going to be worth it

With learning opportunities designed specifically for them, pastors who attend the 2016 Texas Baptist annual meeting will leave saying, "That was sure worth it!"

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Reflecting on Hispanic Texas Baptist life

Many Texas Baptists have gained a rich legacy from Convención Bautista Hispana de Texas and Baptist University of the Américas.


René Maciel: A soldier, teacher, pastor, dad

BGCT President René Maciel celebrates the life of a soldier, teacher, pastor and dad—his father, Eleazar Maciel.


René Maciel: Jesus is the answer to Orlando

We can be agents of goodness and kindness; we can love and show mercy; we can care and serve others. We can bring hope and light to this dark world. We have the answer. We have Jesus, and we are called to go into the world and preach the good and hopeful news of Jesus.


Richard Ray: Pastors, love and care for your children

Pastors have the responsibility to shepherd their church; however, they also have the responsibility to raise up their family in the Lord.


René Maciel: Celebrate at Texas Baptists’ meeting in Waco, November 13-15

Mark your calendars and make plans to attend the Bapitst General Convention of Texas annual meeting in Waco, Nov. 13-15.


René Maciel: Compassionate community in the storm

We can help the people who comprise Baylor University to get up, stand by them, and most importantly, we can pray for them through the darkness. They need us, and we need them.

René Maciel: Don't quit now!

Maciel: Don't quit now!

It is not a sprint. It is a journey, run with endurance. It is a race God has set before you.


Richard Ray: Every pastor needs an advocate

Every pastor needs the help of another who will provide assistance in his time of need. Simply put, every pastor needs help.

Person taking a selfie

René Maciel: Longing to find our selfies

Maybe we take these photos because we are searching for ourselves. We want others to take notice. Can you see me? Whatever the reason, it has become a popular phenomenon in our culture, maybe even an epidemic of a search for self.

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