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I thought I would have a few of my congregational members introduce themselves to you this week. As you meet them, ask whether your church includes any or all of these folks as well.

• “I value hard work, saving money, loyalty, patriotism, respect, dependability and stability. I am committed to the church, love the old hymns and enjoy Bible study. I worship God in reverence, and I think others ought to as well. My name is Builder.”

• “I value being educated andjeff johnson130Jeff Johnson independent. I like quality and am cause-oriented. I long for our church to be family-oriented and worship to blended music. My name is Boomer.”

• “I value practical education and postponing marriage. I like churches that are family-oriented, safe for my children, support local causes and have short services since my attention span is so short. I want options and less structure. My name is Buster.”

• “I crave music variety and diversity. I live a fast-paced life. Catch me if you can! I am tech-savvy, super fragmented, and demanding and tolerant at the same time. I want to hang out and be connected. I want honest relationships and a faith that is transparent and authentic. I can see through fake-ness. I wish churches would be more inclusive and use updated technology, for crying out loud. My name is Bridger.”

texas baptist voices right120Read More ‘Voices’ HereI do not know about your church, but the generations at First Baptist Commerce were on a collision course at the foot of the cross. We needed help to make good decisions regarding a future that was a present reality: Did our church reflect our community? How has our community changed over the past few years? What does our community really look like? What might it look like in the future? How can we strategically prepare?

Good decisions are based on good information. We knew our local world was changing but needed to know the specifics—beyond generational to changes in the cultural fabric.

Allow me to introduce you to Clay Price, Texas Baptists’ information analyst. Clay provides population and church statistical resources. He can prepare demographic studies for your church and association upon request. He also helps interpret your local information and can connect you with ministry resources to help interpret and implement ministries of healing, health and transformation. Email Clay at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You will be glad you did.

Jeff Johnson is president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and pastor of First Baptist Church in Commerce.

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