Guest editorial: Lessons from a palm tree

A longtime missionary observes how palm trees provide a compelling metaphor for spiritual resilience.

England: Stripped of security blankets

England: Stripped of security blankets

Student Missions Blog: I am, by nature, a shy, reserved, look-before-I-leap creature of habit with an utter lack of confidence in social interactions. Leeds called me to be a gregarious, warm, adaptable risk-taker. … My security blankets all were left behind in America.

Joanna Marv Beach

Editorial: Tracing grace in the contours of my face

A bout with cancer—especially the treatments—took a toll on Editor Marv Knox’s face. And in the scars and contortions, he sees signs of God’s grace.

Martin Knox

Martin Knox: ‘A joy to see people move into deeper commitment’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Martin Knox, senior pastor of Lakeshore Drive Baptist Church of Hudson Oaks in Weatherford.


Voices: Can we learn to think like a Christian?

Christian discipleship is all-encompassing, and it has no room for worldly wisdom.


Voices: A challenge to dads at Father’s Day

Fathers, mark your big day by being present with, protecting and praying for your family.


Guest editorial: What I learned after the Pulse nightclub shooting

The pastor of one of Orlando’s leading evangelical congregations reflects upon lessons learned from the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, which took place a year ago at a gay nightclub in his city.


Commentary: Be strong, brave in the face of hate

Now is the time to go beyond merely opposing racist speech and criticizing hateful rhetoric. Now is the time to intervene. (Sojourners)

Lupfer op-ed

2nd Opinion: Why religious liberty trumps free birth control

“To the greatest extent possible, people should not be compelled by the state to violate their consciences. That’s what religious freedom means, and it is a foundational American value.”


Capital punishment, gay pride, Trump’s budget, actions and consequences

Letters this week focused on the death penalty, gay pride, the consequences of President Trump’s proposed federal budget and the actions of an Arkansas pastor/judge.


South Asia: Grateful to serve where God is moving

Student Missions blog: Each day of our great adventure here in South Asia, we wake up to prayer-walk and do evangelism in the slums from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The people here are so friendly and willing to talk.


Editorial: Which influences Christians the most—gospel or culture?

What force exerts the greatest influence on your congregation and the Christians you know? Are they shaped more by the gospel of Jesus Christ or by the culture around them?

Rolando Aguirre

Rolando Aguirre: ‘Shepherding is my greatest joy in ministry’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Rolando Aguirre, pastor for Spanish-language ministries—the founding pastor of Calvary en Español—and discipleship team leader at Calvary Baptist Church in McAllen, as well as president of the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas.

Flying C

Voices: A road trip and a 50-billboard treasure

A “regular truck stop” promoted by at least 50 billboards prompted columnist Meredith Stone to ponder values that lie beneath surface observations.

peace dove

Voices: A pastor, an imam and a rabbi sit down at a bar …

Steve Bezner, senior pastor of Houston Northwest Church, reflects on the multi-faith future of the globe.

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