Commentary: Why it matters that we must make disciples, not converts

Yes, we need a revival. We need a making-disciples kind of revival; one that opens the door for the way of Jesus to invade our spending decisions, our family life, and who we choose to care about. (BNG)


Commentary: Humility, kindness and welcome: Hard but biblical callings

Consistently in this country and throughout Christian history, we remember the legacy of the stranger, the heroic actions of the unwanted, the new insights and contributions of the disregarded and even despised. (BNG)


Letters: Speaking the truth in love

This week's letter to the editor responds to Charles Wade's guest editorial.


Russell Allen: Privilege with incredible responsibility

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Russell Allen, pastor of Woodlawn Baptist Church in Austin, where he has served three and a half years.

Southern Baptists overwhelmingly pass a resolution June 14 condemning the racism of the alt-right movement. (Photo by Adam Covington / Baptist Press)

Guest editorial: A response to 'Why I’m Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention'

Charles Wade: When asked what kind of Baptist I am, I reply, “I am a Texas Baptist.”


Cody S. Knowlton: We improve health, both physical and spiritual

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist leaders features Cody S. Knowlton, president and CEO of the Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio, where he has served the last five and a half years.


Voices: Why pastors—and you—need to be social

If Christians consider Jesus to be an example for every area of life, friendship must be included.

Photo of graduates throwing caps in the air to celebrate. Photo by / Bigstock

Voices: Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord

We can never graduate from the grace of God.


Commentary: Being rich wrecks your soul. We used to know that

What do Jesus, Aristotle, Jimmy Stewart, Pope Francis and even science agree on?


Letters: Thank you, Marv; We need a mix of churches

Readers bid farewell to Marv Knox in this week's letters to the editor.

California: Invest in the lives of children

California: Invest in the lives of children

Student missions blog: Investing in all people is important. ...  But when we invest in children, we get to be a part of building their foundation and building their frame of reference.

West Africa: Riding an emotional roller coaster

West Africa: Riding an emotional roller coaster

Student missions blog: We have been “yala-yala-ing a lot for a couple of weeks. That’s the local word meaning to walk around leisurely and talk to everyone you encounter to show them they are important to you. ... It affords us the opportunity to tell stories about Jesus.

Standard editors

Editorial: I’ll thank God every time I remember you

Marv Knox signs off after almost 19 years as editor of the Baptist Standard.


Voices: Finding God’s blessing in our struggles

Every moment of our lives—even when we struggle and “wrestle” with God—we can look to the Cross and to the Resurrection and know God’s presence, love and blessing.

Kris Drees

Kris Drees: ‘I enjoy seeing the “lightbulb” come on’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Kris Drees, pastor of Haltom Road Baptist Church in Haltom City, where he has served almost two years.

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