Guest editorial: Creatively outrageous congregations

For churches, finding the sweet spot between outrageous imagination and walking by faith is a very spiritual place for God’s people to be. How is your congregation doing with that balance?


2nd Opinion: Persecution of Christians is rising globally, but does the West really care?

Persecuted Christians around the world need the support and advocacy of Christians in the United States.


Voices: In Christ, there is no longer male and female

Attend the 2017 Women in Ministry Conference sponsored by Texas Baptist Women in Ministry and Logsdon Seminary at Logsdon’s campus in Abilene Feb. 10-11.

Fort Worth: Going ‘all-in’ for missions

Fort Worth: Going ‘all-in’ for missions

Student Missions Blog: The University of Texas at Austin Baptist Student Ministry spent three cold days in Fort Worth on an “All-In” mission trip. From a crowded refugee apartment church, to playing with kids, to teaching youth line dancing, we definitely had to be “all-in.”


Editorial: Life lessons from saints who passed from us far too soon

Janie and Todd, lay leaders at Valley Ranch Baptist Church, embodied the presence of Christ to practically everyone they met. They passed from this life to the next far sooner than we wanted. But the way they lived their too-short lives provides lessons for all of us.


Guest editorial: Balance security and compassion, but respect refugees

Urge President Trump to reconsider the scope and effect of his executive order on immigration and to work with congressional leaders to devise a solution that bolsters American security without causing unnecessary delays for refugees fleeing violence or disregarding traditional American values.

Franklin Graham

2nd Opinion: On immigration, Franklin Graham is dead wrong

Franklin Graham’s assertion that President Trump’s hardline stand on immigration is OK because it is “not a biblical issue” doesn’t square with biblical teaching—and it will get people killed. (BNG)

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Fields: Don't be too disappointed in your disappointments

The variety of my disappointments may vary, but the God of my life who gives me purpose even in my disappointments never changes.


Voices: Find grace and beauty in numbered days

Godly wisdom is marked by knowing our own frailty and seeing each day as a gift from the hand of God, a gift of his grace.


Voices: Public education as a truly conservative Texas value

True conservatives rally around our public schools as the primary vehicles for perpetuating civil society, strengthening our economy and ensuring continued leadership in the world.


Jack Bodenhamer: Seeking God’s will on earth as it is in heaven

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Jack Bodenhamer, pastor of First Baptist Church in Elm Mott.


Affirmation for Trump, condemnation of Obama

Letters this week respond to editorials about the new Trump administration and an essay praising the outgoing Obama administration.

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Voices: A border that perpetuates suffering is not worth defending

If we must fear, let it be fear of betraying our Lord and being found wanting in the last days, not fear of refugees and other immigrants who wish to join us.

Franklin Graham

Voices: Everything is a Bible issue: A response to Franklin Graham

“America first” is not a concept found in the Bible. “Christ first” is what Scripture teaches us to base all our decisions on.

East Asia: Dangerous truth

East Asia: Dangerous truth

Student Missions Blog: "Seeking truth is dangerous." My friend is right. Truth is dangerous. Yet it is truth alone that frees us.

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