1st commandment

Voices: A new wrinkle on evangelicals' old idolatry

In addition to idolizing money, celebrity and power, evangelical Christians have practiced a “new idolatry” of disregarding the personal character of conservative political leaders.


Voices: Reflections of a Gen-X pastor—flee the devil, not the church

Please don’t forget the importance of local churches. They are outposts of the kingdom of God in Texas. Abandoned outposts will come under attack and eventually turn into museums.

cross dust

Voices: Should Christianity change to stay relevant?

A healthy, growing church doesn’t come out of subscribing to a particular brand of Christian theology, but from having a theology that is Christian in the first place.

yes no

Voices: Learning to say Yes and No to the world

Christians must ask ourselves what it means to be a Christian in the world, when we are, in fact, sitting in the seat of mockers most of our lives.


Voices: Protect mental health care in Texas

As the Texas Legislature convenes, the status of mental health care in the state is under threat. Your voice is needed to ensure the mental health care of Texans is not impeded further.

Couple staring at their mobile phones

Voices: ‘I resolve to be present in 2017’

If, like the disciples, we asked Jesus to teach us to pray, his first response to us in 2017 may be, “First, turn off your phone.”

peace tree

Voices: Tell Syria there’s still peace on the earth

Let us find peace in Christ so we may bear what the world so desperately needs, remembering the same Lord who is shalom for the world also is our shalom, our peace.

West Texas sunrise

Voices: It’s Christmas; time to wake up and do something

Because of the violence and injustice in the world and in our nation, columnist Craig Nash says, this Christmas is different than typical yuletides.

Russell Moore

Voices: What's at stake for the SBC in backlash against Russell Moore?

The Southern Baptist Convention’s response to Russell Moore’s refusal to get on the Donald Trump bandwagon will provide a significant test for how the SBC navigates the future.

heart candle

Voices: Throughout Advent and Christmas, you can trust God’s heart

The story of the birth of Jesus is the story of God showing his glory in a time when many were wondering where he was.

sin list

Voices: Who’s throwing the stones of judgment?

If we are speaking truth in love, we must have demonstrated that love already. We must earn the right to speak to someone about sin. We build credibility through relationship.

Wise men

Voices: Advent—waiting when we do not know what to expect

As we walk through Advent, let us be people who wait for the coming of God, praying we will be people—sobered and chastened—who follow that God to the ends of the earth.

advent candles

Voices: What Advent means for us in 2016

If Christians ever needed to celebrate Advent—when we remember and anticipate God “coming towards” us—it’s this year.

coffee shop

Voices: God calls us to ordinary faithfulness

God wants to use you right where you are to show his glory and grace to your family and to your community. … Be faithful in what God has given you and where God has placed you.

choir singing

Voices: Unshakable joy

As we wade into the often-treacherous, stressful, anxiety-producing waters of this holiday season, may our love toward one another answer any question of who we are and whose we are.

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