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Voices: Discernment in the courts of the Internet

Christians should resist the temptation to enter into every dispute they come across on the Internet, ethicist Myles Werntz suggests.


Voices: Pick faith over fear

Christians know God’s love, and we know God’s faithful promises. We don’t have to give in to fear.


Voices: When you want to tear a passage out of your Bible

What do we do with difficult passages of Scripture, such as verses that seem to condone slavery?


Voices: Boldness the world needs

If we use the toys of death to stave off dying, we are beaten before we start. We need people who have nothing more than the universe-creating power of the Holy Spirit filling them to speak God’s life-giving word with boldness.


Voices: The art of amicable disagreements

Let us therefore further our witness in these times of unamicable disagreements among us. Our churches will grow when the world sees maturing Christians disagreeing but remaining fast and loving friends.


Voices: Keys to church revitalization, Part II

A church’s location and its facilities play key roles in its ability to be revitalized.

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Voices: Other qualities of pure, undefiled religion

True holiness is marked by humility with our words, care for the widow and orphan, and purity in seeking the glory of God and not the glory of the world.

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Voices: Let us be impractically compassionate

What are we to make of those who claim (to follow) Jesus but whose deeds leave the blind, the lame, the sick, the deaf and the poor all worse off than they were before?

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Voices: Trust, hope and lies in the New Laredo

A visit with Cuban immigrants on the Texas-New Mexico border reveals the importance of trust in human relationships.

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Voices: The challenge of crossing cultures to understand each other

A roundtable discussion at a Baptist meeting in Waco raised all kinds of issues about transcending cultural barriers in order to understand fellow Christians.

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Voices: The 'moral guidebook' approach to Scripture isn't working

Why do more people call the Bible a “good source of morals” than a “historical account”? Morals are easy.

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Voices: Living faithfully in the public square today

As Christians, our commission is to be witnesses for the good of the place we live and the glory of God. Because we love God, we seek love, justice, grace and righteousness.

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Voices: Pursuit of the multi-ethnic church

What are simple steps your church can take to become multi-ethnic? Steve Bezner, senior pastor of Houston Northwest Church, offers four.


Voices: What I learned during Lent this year

No area of our lives should be exempt from Christ’s lordship. Even the things we really, really like.

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Voices: Unlock the doors

After Easter, Jesus finds us where we are hiding, calms our fears and exhorts us to step into the wide, waiting world that needs to receive his hope.

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