Letters: Confederate flag, evolution

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SBC’s Confederate flag resolution is PC

It seems as though the Southern Baptist Convention has joined the politically correct crowd in getting a “feel good” feeling in regard to condemning the Confederate battle flag. 

As one person wrote, racism is not in a flag, but in the heart. I take offense that the South and slave owners are considered wicked, immoral people as suggested by the SBC. My third great-grandfather owned slaves, and he was a moral, Christian man.

Even though I don’t condone slavery, I cannot go back and change the fact he owned slaves. We can’t change the past as many are attempting to re-write history. Why didn’t the SBC go as far as condemning the American flag, which flew over slave owners of the North? 

My church gives to the support of the SBC and will continue to do so, but as for me, I will never refer to myself as a Southern Baptist but just Baptist.

Just a side note in regard to Baylor University.  I am convinced Baylor’s problems began when our Baptists “gave away” their majority vote of regents out of fear of a conservative “takeover.”

F.A. Taylor


“Much Ado About Nothing”

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How many Native Americans were treated unjustly under the American flag—starved, murdered, enslave, etc.

The issue about the Confederate battle flag is “Much Ado About Nothing” (Shakespeare).

I’ll bet that someone is making money out of the issue.

Fred Rosenbaum


About evolution: Can God do whatever he wants?

“Why some evangelicals changed their minds about evolution” has no facts in it, other than a “survey” someone took which is not named.

The real question is, “Does the Bible mean what it says at face definition, or do we rationalize it by limited human thinking?” Do we believe the supernatural explanation that God can do whatever he wants, or do we rationalize what we think is only possible in scientific natural terms?

As a science teacher and a Christian, I realized God can create trees that look to be thousands of years old as well as seeds. He can create bones of animals that have never existed. He can make isotopes of elements that appear to be 4.5 billion years old. He has created a lot of things in the natural world that are harmful and helpful.

Man loves to think he knows things because he is so smart in his rationality of things he has never observed. It is the time span involved and supposedly “fossil/isotope/layers of geological formations” that trip so many up.

I actually wrote a letter published in the Baptist Standard in the late 1960s or very early 1970s about evolution being only a theory, and even then it caused a firestorm of replies. God help us.

Steve Livengood



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