Jana Morga: Meditation of Heart


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Jana Morga: Meditation of Heart (Psalm 49:1-12)

Jana Morga, student minister at Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio, opened her homily with an illustration from Star Wars Episode 3. Seeing Anakin Skywalker’s fear of death, Chancellor Palpatine offered him a way to save from dying the one Anakin loved most.

Death is a common fear. Addressing this fear, the author of Psalm 49 tells all people—regardless of status—where to find hope, Morga said. That hope is found in Christ’s death on the cross and his victory over death, she continued.

Morga explained the Hebrew words from Psalm 49:3 translated as “wisdom,” “meditation,” “heart” and “understanding.” She called her listeners to meditate on God’s heart in order to get to know God intimately and then to act on their knowledge of God, the purpose of which is “love in action.”

This sermon on the lectionary passage was delivered July 31, 2022, for the morning worship service of Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio, which at the end of the service licensed Morga to gospel ministry.

A sermon script is available here.

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