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“The Church never fears the truth of science, because we are convinced that all truth comes from God. … Science will help our faith to purify itself. And faith at the same time will be able to broaden the horizons of man, who cannot just enclose himself in the horizons of science.”

Giovanni Lajolo

Roman Catholic cardinal who oversees operations inside Vatican City, after visiting the CERN nuclear physics laboratory. Both the Vatican and CERN figure prominently in the recent Dan Brown novel/movie Angels and Demons (Associated Press/RNS)


“It has been very difficult to have an honest public debate about exactly what our nation has done to those in our custody because we have never been given full information.”

David Gushee

Christian ethics professor at Mercer University, joining a call for a “commission of inquiry” to investigate alleged U.S.-sanctioned use of torture since 9/11 (ABP)


“Wiley Drake is far out of the mainstream. In fact, he’s in a drainage ditch somewhere.”

Richard Land

Head of the SBC Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, on Drake, a pastor and former convention vice president, who said he prays God will curse President Obama (Associated Press/RNS)


“The breakdown of Jon and Kate’s marriage is but a symptom of the larger weaknesses of ethics in the evangelical community. We are easily seduced by wealth and fame. We are easily contented by the shallow rhetoric of hot-button issues. In short, we are easily deceived by cultural values painted in Christian veneers.”

Julie Vermeer Elliott

Christian ethics professor at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pa., writing about the recent controversy in the marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus Eight (ChristianityToday.com/RNS)


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