TBM disaster relief responds to Tropical Depression Imelda

  |  Source: Texas Baptist Men


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Even as rain continues to fall, Texas Baptist Men activated two mass feeding teams to meet needs created by Tropical Depression Imelda across Southeast Texas.

TBM also is in the process of preparing as many as 10 mud-out teams who will clean and prepare homes for reconstruction.

“Catastrophic” flooding is widespread in Southeast Texas, according to the National Weather Service. Some areas received as much as 32 inches of rain from the storm, filling roadways and homes and causing power outages. Rain continues to fall today in many areas that already are flooded.

“The scenes from Southeast Texas are heart-wrenching,” said Dwain Carter, TBM disaster relief director. “We are praying for those who are being affected, and we are responding by providing help, hope and healing in the midst of the heartbreak.”

Lengthy recovery expected

Feeding units will begin serving Sept. 20 and continue as long as needed.

Mud-out units will arrive from across the state shortly after the floodwaters have receded. They are particularly crucial for people and families affected by the storm because they accelerate the recovery process significantly. Volunteers remove debris and ruined carpet and drywall. They also prevent bacteria and mold from growing.

“This will be a lengthy recovery process, but we are committed to walking alongside people as long as it takes,” Carter said. “God cares deeply for hurting people and calls his followers to do likewise. That’s exactly what we’re doing.”

TBM disaster relief is made possible entirely by donations to the ministry. To contribute financially, send a check designated “disaster relief” to Texas Baptist Men, 5351 Catron, Dallas, TX 75227, call (214) 275-1116 or click here.


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