Letters to the Editor: Dual-language churches; payday lenders

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Re: McAllen: One church worshipping in two languages

Our Dr. Rolando Aguirre is doing a fine work here in McAllen within Calvary Baptist Church! We opened our arms to those in “Calvario en Espanol” years ago. Adult classes are held in Spanish, as is our third church service. The majority of our Bible studies are in English. ALL the children’s classes are in English, as this is the official language of our country. Hopefully, their parents will learn English soon. God is doing great things among us, for which we are most thankful!

Peggy Yancy
McAllen, Texas

Re: Baptist advocates applaud rule to rein in abusive lending

What drives people to payday lenders? Lack of self-discipline? The have-it-now mentality? Betting on the come?

Betting on the come? Just like church.

  • Trust God with money you don’t have.
  • The first check every month should be to the church.
  • Nothing reflects our love of God as does our money.
  • Generosity puts God in a position to bless us.
  • The promise of giving: God will open the windows of heaven.
  • God will bless you abundantly for generous gifts.
  • We lay up treasures in heaven through our offerings.
  • The way to experience God’s blessings: tithe.
  • Blessings are predicated on whether one tithes “gross” or “net.”
  • Apply his principles and your life will be blown away with a tsunami of blessings.
  • Honor the Lord by giving him the first part of your income, and he will fill your barns to overflowing.

Each of the above from a Southern Baptist pulpit.

Payday preachers criticize payday lenders. The pot calleth the kettle black.

John V. Rutledge
Colorado Springs, Colo.

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