Letters: God bless young missionaries

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I enjoyed reading Rachel Martin’s article about the work God is doing through her in Thailand. I also read the article by Stacie Aguilar about how God is testing her faith in Thailand.  

Both of them appear to be working together in Bangkok.  We often forget our missionaries on the other side of the world and we can learn a lot about our faith from wherever we are. 

I lived in Bangkok from 1990 to 1993, and my family and I attended Calvary Baptist Church. It was tough to see all the terrible things going on there. However, God’s love reaches to Bangkok through people like Rachel Martin and Stacie Aguilar.

There are so many good memories of the people in Thailand, and we met a lot individuals we’re still friends with today.  Our prayers are with these young missionaries.  We pray they will keep the faith. 

It’s always exciting to hear about God’s people in Thailand, a place I called home for a few years.

Carl Beard

New Braunfels

Same-sex marriage, love & God’s plank

Thank you for printing Brent Gentzel’s article on same-sex marriage. 

Many liberals who hide under the skirt of the word “moderate” are eager to spin truths of God’s word to fit his or her political or personal agenda. Some just want to be denominationally relevant. 

Many of our leaders want to claim the Constitution does indeed condone a certain type of marriage as long as the gender and number of participants jive with his or her definition. Which is it? Any gender as long as it is two people? What about those who might or might not be relatives who want to have a five-person marriage and won’t hurt anyone?

Whether government should be involved at all and states’ rights are legitimate issues. Condoning lesbian and sodomite marriage and equating them with God’s plan of one man and one woman is not, even for the aspiring “enlightened” wannabe hipster theologians among us. 

If we really love someone, wouldn’t we want what was God’s plan for that person?

Billy R. Parmer


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