• Letters: Curiosity, listening & the gospel

    Regarding your excellent editorial, A hypocrite’s guide to learning to listen, thanks for connecting the perspective of curiosity and the art of listening to the gospel of Jesus.

  • Letters: Follow Glorieta’s money

    Updated: Follow the money regarding Glorieta. Somewhere in this case of LifeWay mismanagement, someone at LifeWay profited.

  • Letters: Glorieta leaseholders took risky gamble

    Updated: The Glorieta lawsuit by Kirk and Susie Tompkins sounds more like “Oops, I made a bad business decision and someone needs to pay for my mistake.”

  • Letters: School vouchers hurt struggling system

    As a public educator who works tirelessly for my students, I don’t appreciate our senators’ comments on public schools and our teachers.

  • Letters: Gregory Walcott – a thoughtful, considerate actor

    The death of a friend is not something we take lightly. The recent death of actor Gregory Walcott prompted many pleasant memories.

  • Letters: ‘Science cannot contradict the Bible’

    UPDATED: That God created us male and female is timeless truth. Unambiguous. Not subject to redefinition.

  • Letters: Transgender resolution outdated

    It is impossible to address how badly the Baptist General Convention of Texas resolution concerning gender identity was ill-informed in 250 words.

  • Letters: A first step for persecuted Christians

    Thanks for reminding us of the continuing atrocities being committed by ISIS.

  • Letters: Right to be worried about Sharia

    Americans are right to be worried Sharia law might be applied to us.

  • Letters: Understanding horse racing

    I truly do not understand those who oppose helping Texas horse racing by allowing slot machines and advance deposit wagering.

  • Letters: Hold high believers’ baptism

    I hate be a wet blanket, but quite honestly, many a “Baptist church member” has listened and digested the statement, “You don’t have to be baptized to be saved.” translating to “I don’t have to go to church to be in fellowship with other believers.”

  • Letters: It’s not Bush’s fault

    Texas Baptist Forum: Now it’s Bush’s fault Christians are being persecuted. I’m really getting tired of it.