• Letters: Open Road Church offers blessing

    My wife, daughter, and I are members of Open Road Baptist Church. There is not a church that I have worshipped in that has made such an impact in our lives.

  • Letters: God bless young missionaries

    I enjoyed reading Rachel Martin’s article about the work God is doing through her in Thailand. I also read the article by Stacie Aguilar about how God is testing her faith in Thailand.

  • Letters: Don’t ban Confederate flag

    If I’m not mistaken, people can ban the Confederate flag in public places, but they won’t ban the rainbow flag.

  • Letters: Learn from children

    Updated: Words have consequences as we saw during the South Carolina massacre. Will our words keep people from believing our Christian message?

  • Letters: Jesus would want disciples to carry guns

    Updated: As a retired pastor, I have no problem with law-abiding citizens carrying weapons, and in this time, it actually makes sense.

  • Letters: Jesus wouldn’t ‘pack heat’

    I don’t think Jesus would want his followers to “pack heat” in churches—or anywhere else.

  • Letters: Do everything ‘as to the Lord’

    For folks who don’t have the skill set to be a “cultural warrior,” then I say do everything else, as too the Lord.

  • Letters: Repent of selfishness

    One of our problems within the church is that we are no longer intergenerational. Our church services are segregated by age and music preference. That’s a sin we volunteered for.

  • Letters: Support what works

    What was good enough for our fathers may not necessarily be good enough for today.

  • Letters: Curiosity, listening & the gospel

    Regarding your excellent editorial, A hypocrite’s guide to learning to listen, thanks for connecting the perspective of curiosity and the art of listening to the gospel of Jesus.

  • Letters: Follow Glorieta’s money

    Updated: Follow the money regarding Glorieta. Somewhere in this case of LifeWay mismanagement, someone at LifeWay profited.

  • Letters: Glorieta leaseholders took risky gamble

    Updated: The Glorieta lawsuit by Kirk and Susie Tompkins sounds more like “Oops, I made a bad business decision and someone needs to pay for my mistake.”