• Letters: Baylor’s name & student welfare

    ‘The first priority must be the safety and welfare of Baylor students, regardless of any harm that may come to Baylor’s good name.’

  • Letters: Demonstrate welcome for all people

    I remember your passion for multiculturalism/diversity from previous articles. Your Aug. 7 editorial demands a response.

  • Letters: Voting rights & voter ID

    I would like for someone to explain why having to show some form of ID in order to vote keeps one from voting. We have to show ID for almost every other process that keeps people from falsely participating.

  • Letters: Former missionary sides with Roberts, not Graham

    The vast majority of Muslims are not radical and want to live peaceably among peoples of other faiths.

  • Letters: ‘I’m with Franklin’

    “Thousands are being murdered by Islamic terrorists. I’m with Franklin.”

  • Letters: Open Road Church offers blessing

    My wife, daughter, and I are members of Open Road Baptist Church. There is not a church that I have worshipped in that has made such an impact in our lives.

  • Letters: God bless young missionaries

    I enjoyed reading Rachel Martin’s article about the work God is doing through her in Thailand. I also read the article by Stacie Aguilar about how God is testing her faith in Thailand.

  • Letters: Don’t ban Confederate flag

    If I’m not mistaken, people can ban the Confederate flag in public places, but they won’t ban the rainbow flag.

  • Letters: Learn from children

    Updated: Words have consequences as we saw during the South Carolina massacre. Will our words keep people from believing our Christian message?

  • Letters: Jesus would want disciples to carry guns

    Updated: As a retired pastor, I have no problem with law-abiding citizens carrying weapons, and in this time, it actually makes sense.

  • Letters: Jesus wouldn’t ‘pack heat’

    I don’t think Jesus would want his followers to “pack heat” in churches—or anywhere else.

  • Letters: Do everything ‘as to the Lord’

    For folks who don’t have the skill set to be a “cultural warrior,” then I say do everything else, as too the Lord.